We Try It: Japanese Baths on Diamond Princess

Making promises over dinner and a few wines is OK but when it comes to agreeing to go naked in a Japanese bathhouse, it’s perhaps best to decide when totally sober. A couple of us thought we’d go au naturel to sample the brand-new bathhouse onboard Diamond Princess. After all, most onsens (baths) in Japan […]

We Try It: Late Flight after Debarkation? Get A Room!

On my last cruise, the ship forced us to get off by 9:15 a.m. but our flight wasn’t until 5:30 p.m. What are a travel editor, her baby, her parents, multiple bags and a stroller supposed to do for a day at Orlando Airport? Easy. We booked a day room. Some hotels, particularly those at […]

We Try It: Cool-Weather Cruising

“Are those earmuffs?!” a man asked with a mocking note in his voice. Yes, I had to admit I’d popped them on as we sailed away from Invergordon, Scotland, on Windstar’s 300-passenger Wind Surf. A brisk breeze filled Wind Surf’s huge sails, but my ears were toasty warm, thanks to those muffs – an item […]

We Try It: Ride the Rails, Before You Sail, on Rocky Mountaineer

Photos courtesy of Rocky Mountaineer “Bear on the left!” Like a kid, I can’t stop shouting and pointing at the black bear in the woods. Minutes later, bear gone, I’m scanning jagged mountain peaks for a glimpse of ice-blue glaciers. When lunch finally rolls around (second seating), I’m feasting on wild salmon while sipping chilled […]

We Try It: With Parasailing, Age is Relative

For those with the daredevil gene, the sight of a parasailing balloon rising across the waves is almost irresistible. The chance to soar high above the waves, to see a port from a seagull’s perspective, doesn’t come along every day and perhaps represents the truest break from the routine back home (not to mention fulfilling […]

We Try It: Flyboarding

It’s shameful to admit, but my first exposure to flyboarding – the latest and hottest beach activity to hit cruise ports – came via US magazine, when I spied a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio zooming up into the sky, like a waterborne Iron Man. Granted, Leo breathes far more rarified air than I do; his […]

We Try It: Massage on a Riverboat

Massages in the United States and on major oceangoing cruise lines are rather straightforward: Arms, legs, neck and back. On a European river ship, though, you have to watch out for more B’s: the belly and elsewhere (I’ll let you figure out what else starts with B!) Having your tummy rubbed is a strange sensation […]

We Try It: T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan

It may not have been as historically significant as Neil Armstrong transmitting the message “One small step for man,” but last Friday, when I texted my husband “Just landed” from the runway at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam for free, it felt like the dawn of a new era. Since then I’ve been channeling my inner […]

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