Cruise Line Loyalty (With Chart Break-Down)

Cruise line member perks always have been a hot topic, but more so since last week’s feature, in which we suggested seven reasons you should be loyal to one cruise line. While a battle over which lines has the best rewards roiled the comments section, many of you wished for a chart that would easily […]

Cruise Ship Cabins: Blow Out vs. Bargain

With experience comes knowledge, and that applies to cruise ship cabins. After tripping over your suitcase a few times, you might realize a bigger cabin is worth the extra money; or maybe you feel that the wake trailing behind the ship looks far more romantic than a view of the Lido Deck. Or maybe the […]

Bucket List Week: And the Winner is…

Long before Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman melted our hearts in The Bucket List – the 2007 movie about two strangers diagnosed with cancer who form a bond over a piece of paper – the idea of achieving all the things you want to do before you die always has been an inspirational topic. (Of course, […]

Going Green: The Bandwagon Ain’t So Bad

Plug-in cars, organic toilet paper and clothes made out of recycled plastic bottles would have sounded crazy years ago. But today, the idea of “going green” is more than just tossing your empty water bottle in a blue bin. Even the cruise industry is becoming more innovative. Following the footsteps of eco-friendly hotels and resorts […]

Buffet Lines: Survival of the Fittest

Your stomach is gurgling, all the good seats are taken and the only thing between you and those mouthwatering pastries is a never-ending line of passengers, all after the same thing. There’s no denying it: Buffet lines tend to bring out the worst in people. And it’s hard not to adapt a “survival of the […]

Reservations for Two, Please

It’s your wedding anniversary, uncle Jim’s 50th birthday, your dear daughter’s graduation … and while you don’t need an excuse to cruise, sometimes there’s no better place to celebrate those special moments than onboard your favorite ship. Romantic cruises in particular always have been a big hit, and we love hearing those stories. (Yes, we’re […]

Are you Taking Advantage of All the Ways to Save?

Splurging means different things to different people. Some of us put our extra cash toward fancy upgrades, while others think booking the cruise itself is an indulgence. Either way, you can’t avoid the cruise bug when it bites. And although you don’t need hydrocortisone for this one, you still need to be wary of infectious […]

Pre-Cruise Planning: To-Do or To-Don’t

Recently, we at Cruise Critic attended a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) seminar to evaluate our personality types. An MBTI assessment is used to measure how people perceive the world and make decisions, based on four pairs of attributes: Extraversion (E) or introversion (I); sensing (S) or intuition (N); thinking (T) or feeling (F); and judging […]

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