Live From Voyager of the Seas: 5 Unforgettable Moments — and One We Could’ve Done Without

When it debuted a dozen years ago, Voyager of the Seas was the flashiest afloat. But like an aging pop star, others have taken its place at the top of the charts. That being said, the ship – like Martina McBride – still rocks. It’s large enough to find non-crowded and appealing public spaces, and […]

Live From Voyager of the Seas: New Orleans’ Embarkation Better, but Far From Ideal

Voyager of the Seas‘ second-ever embarkation in New Orleans on Saturday was a healthy improvement over last week’s debacle, which many seasoned cruisers called their worst departure ever. But the Royal Caribbean ship still left 1.5 hours behind schedule. Please share this post!

Live From Voyager of the Seas: It’s Martina McBride!

I could totally see country singer Martina McBride and her daughters on a cruise. Picture it: The two teens being moody and unpredictable in the same way she sings about on her latest song, “Teenage Daughters.” The 6-year-old holding her hand while they walk around the ship, not embarrassed by mom’s dancing during the ’70s […]

Live From Voyager of the Seas: 5 Performances That Rocked Our World

It was a great week to be on the Voyager of the Seas, as the entertainment offerings were especially fresh. A new set of performers came aboard this week for the “Broadway Rhythm & Rhymes” show, a former Olympic figure skater stole the ice show, and the late-night human scavenger hunt Quest was more raunchy […]

Live From Voyager of the Seas: The Elevator vs. Stairs Challenge

By Day 6 of my cruise onboard Voyager of the Seas, I’d grown weary of waiting for and riding elevators. How much time was I wasting standing there? What could I have accomplished if I didn’t have to wait? What’s that brushing up against my leg during the jam-packed ride to the Windjammer Cafe for […]

Live From Voyager of the Seas: A Brazen Cut

On Wednesday afternoon, I did the gutsiest thing a woman can do on a cruise ship: I got my hair cut. Like Cruise Critic member argenta01, who wrote on the message boards, “I wouldn’t trust a hair cut to a stranger,” I wasn’t keen on the idea. But the Western Caribbean humidity was making me […]

Live From Voyager of the Seas: Slicing and Dicing in Cozumel

Schlocky T-shirts and cheap maracas from Mexico are never going to see the inside of my daypack. Call me a killjoy, but I much prefer to take home something I can put to good use in my real life. So what to do? Here’s what: During Royal Caribbean‘s Voyager of the Seas stop in Cozumel […]

Live From Voyager of the Seas: First Impressions

Our nerve-fraying embarkation day at the Port of New Orleans aside, life onboard Royal Caribbean‘s 137,308-ton, 3,114-passenger Voyager of the Seas so far during this seven-day cruise has been relaxed and even dignified, the latter of which I wasn’t expecting. Please share this post!

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