Live From MSC Poesia: 11 Hits and Misses

Overall, MSC Poesia is a grand ship. It’s over-the-top elegant — but not too flashy — and it very rarely feels crowded. Not knowing quite what to expect from my first European cruise line experience (which was also tailored to folks from several other countries), I spent a week onboard, exploring every area and blogging […]

Live From MSC Poesia: 11 Ways You Know You’re Sailing With a First-Time Cruiser

I’m onboard MSC Poesia with a good friend who’s cruising for the first time. Throughout our weeklong adventure on the high seas, she’s said and done some amusing things and dragged me to events I wouldn’t normally attend otherwise. Please share this post!

Live From MSC Poesia: What Do Italians Know About Baseball?

When I was assigned a baseball theme cruise, I had mixed emotions. I had never been on a themed sailing before, and because I’m not a huge fan of professional sports, I was concerned that maybe this sort of thing wasn’t the best way for me to get my feet wet. Please share this post!

Live From MSC Poesia: Kaito and Clowns

Sushi bugs me. It’s raw fish, and, in my opinion, fish shouldn’t be raw. So, I grudgingly accompanied my travel companion to Kaito, the for-fee sushi restaurant onboard MSC Poesia. Please share this post!

Live From MSC Poesia: An Open Letter to the Rain in Roatan

Dear Ominous Skies, We strongly dislike you. Today was supposed to be our beach day in Roatan, thereby saving everyone from the sickly pale glow of our pasty legs. Due to your inconsiderate timing, we were forced to traipse around the island, sloshing through mud and paying small children to show us the nearest Internet […]

Live From MSC Poesia: Pronunciation

After spending three full days on MSC Poesia, I’ve seen shows, found out-of-the-way nooks and crannies and spent far more than I should have on discount purses. But after all of that, I still don’t know how to say the ship’s name. Please share this post!

Live From MSC Poesia: Sam I Am Not

After returning from the Carlo Felice Theater on MSC Poesia, I have to say I’m feeling some kind of way about “Sam,” the production show I just saw. The only problem is I’m not sure what kind of way that is, exactly. The venue was breathtaking, a mix of shiny purple and gold with hundreds […]

Live From MSC Poesia: 6 Ways You’ll Know You’re on a European Ship

After less than 24 hours of sailing on MSC Poesia, it’s apparent that I’m not in Kansas anymore (not that I ever was, but that’s beside the point). MSC, an Italian line, is based in Italy and maintains a decidedly European vibe on its ships — something I’m experiencing for the first time. Please share […]

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