Live From Grand Princess: Final Thoughts on the Ship’s Big Hits and Misses

Editor’s note: This item is adapted from a blog posting on our U.K. sister site. Boy, did that week pass quickly. But now that I’ve debarked the newly refurbed Grand Princess, I have some thoughts on some of the biggest hits and misses onboard the ship. Please share this post!

Live From Grand Princess: The Results of Our Seasick-Med Test Are In (and No Queasiness!)

While cruise lines like to brag that improvements in technology and navigation all but eliminate the movement that prompts the need for motion-sickness remedies, the bald fact is that the sea is the sea. It’s occasionally calm and serene, other times rambunctious and unpredictable. That was certainly the case onboard Grand Princess this week. The […]

Live From Grand Princess: Before and After, Part 4

No doubt about it: The removal of Skywalkers (above), the fabled nightclub on Grand Princess, was one change that alarmed many Cruise Critic readers. High above the ship in the distinctive, now-departed shopping-cart handle, the club was near and dear to many. It’s been replaced by One5, which sits on a deck above the aft […]

Live From Grand Princess: I Now Pronounce You Man and Wife … Again

Editor’s note: This item is adapted from a blog posting on our U.K. sister site. When it comes to setting the stage for onboard romance, Princess Cruises has long been more successful than any other line in making this point: If you’re a couple, of whatever age or tenure, and you want a simply swooning […]

Live From Grand Princess: Before and After, Part 3

Leaves — which was carved out of the space pictured above on Grand Princess where a duty-free shop used to be — occupies a nice piece of real estate for people watching, seated as it is just across from the Crown Grill (the ship’s steakhouse and seafood joint). On the face of it, the venue […]

Live From Grand Princess: Before and After, Part 2

It was, you might say, the calling card of Grand Princess — the giant shopping-cart handle on the aft of the ship. Sure, it was a visual cue that you were on vessel striving to stand out from the pack, but one always wondered whether the designers at Princess Cruises realized that it was, quite […]

Live From Grand Princess: Before and After, Part 1

What sane person would want an “atrium” when they could have a … Piazza? With that thinking in mind, one of the Princess Cruises‘ top priorities during Grand Princess‘ recent makeover was to swap the atrium, with its shlubby Caribbean carpeting, white baby grand (and shlub with shorts), for the line’s now-signature Piazza, a lively […]

Live From Grand Princess: We’re Testing Seasick Medicines (Oh, No!)

Let’s face it: One downside of cruising can be Mama Nature’s unpredictable nature. Ocean conditions can change at a whim, and if you’re not prepared … well, look out. I know this from experience: I’m often plagued by motion discomfort on anything that floats, from sailboats to naval destroyers (on a visit to Newport News […]

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