Live From Carnival Liberty: 1 Big Greasy Triumph (Plus 6 Other Hits and Misses)

After spending a week on Carnival Liberty, I have to say that its Fun Ship 2.0 enhancements are pretty stellar. Of the new additions, none really miss the mark, but I can tell you which ones — like the burger joint (duh!) — are particular hits. Still (and you knew this was coming), there were […]

Live From Carnival Liberty: The Post-Cruise Weigh-In

I love to eat. That love, mixed with the amount of free food available on a cruise, had me fearing I’d be rocking stretch pants instead of jeans by debarkation day. I’ve heard that the average passenger gains anywhere from five to 10 pounds per weeklong sailing, but I’ve always been skeptical. So, I gorged […]

Live From Carnival Liberty: Sea Day 2.0

It’s our last day on Carnival Liberty. We’re spending it at sea, and it’s raining, so we set out to see whether the ship’s remaining 2.0 enhancements would offer enough to make the day pass quickly. We were pleasantly surprised. Please share this post!

Live From Carnival Liberty: Iguana vs. Frog

Don’t you just love a good bar brawl? In this case, though, the concept is quite literal. The Lido Deck on Carnival Liberty is flanked by two bars — the BlueIguana Tequila Bar and the RedFrog Rum Bar. Everything about the pair screams “let’s take this outside!” Please share this post!

Live From Carnival Liberty: the Great Cabin Cleanup

After a couple days of constant “go, go, go” on Carnival Liberty, our 185-square-foot standard balcony cabin got a bit messy. And, when I say a bit, I mean it looked like it was hijacked by a tribe of savage teenage girls. We decided to spare our room steward the agony of straightening up by […]

Live From Carnival Liberty: Has Anyone Seen the Buffet?

I’m hungry, and I’ve been hungry since about 12 p.m. today, at which time I was zipping through treetops in Belize after spending an hour on a bus and another hour waiting in line. It was a fun trip, but it was incredibly long, and the return bus ride had me ready to eat my […]

Live From Carnival Liberty: Formalities

You can’t escape formal night. It’s everywhere, and every time I pack for a cruise, I panic. Should I bring a sundress? A cocktail dress? A ball gown? Something more clubby? Where the heck did I put that matching purse? And what about shoes and makeup and hair and nails? Please share this post!

Live From Carnival Liberty: Bested by Burgers

If I never see another burger, it’ll be way too soon. In my last Carnival Liberty post, I said I’d offer an update on my self-imposed mission to eat at least four of the five burgers on the menu at the new (fee-free) Guy’s Burger Joint in one sitting. Was I successful? Please share this […]

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