Hurricane Irene’s Heroes and Zeros: 6 Cruise Line Crisis Responses

For a week now, we’ve watched Hurricane Irene upturn itineraries, blow off thatched roofs on private islands and put cruise line crisis control centers to the test. Along the way, readers have provided a steady surge of feedback, posting first-hand reports from choppy seas, weighing in on the debacle in San Juan and scrutinizing how […]

It Came From Facebook: When Shower Curtains Attack!

It’s curtains to shower curtains. In the battle between space and shower curtains, cruisers will take a little more of one and none of the other, thank you very much. Our recent Poll Position told us that more than 50 percent of you would prefer larger bathrooms in your cabins. When we asked on our […]

It Came From Facebook: What Good Is Sitting Alone in Your Room? Plenty!

Ah, room service. Some cruisers can’t imagine not starting the day with a pot of coffee delivered to their door to enjoy on the balcony. Others, meh. We were struck by the wide disparity among readers over the importance — or lack thereof — of cruise ship room service in our recent Poll Position on […]

It Came From Facebook: The Roughest Waters You’ve Cruised Through

One evening on my first cruise, 40-knot winds ripped across the deserted pool deck. A friend and I leaned into the gale, wearing stupid grins and billowing T-shirts. I won’t mention our IQ scores, but when we asked our 39,000 Facebook fans to share stories of rough voyages, many of you had similar sailors’ sentiments.

It Came From Facebook: These Are a Few of Your Favorite Ports

“Aruba, Jamaica,” the song goes. “Bermuda, Bahamas.” Yup, the Caribbean rules when it comes to favorite ports of call. We recently asked our 38,000-plus fans on Facebook what port, first visited on a cruise, calls you back again. And, boy, did they let us know.

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