Hot on the Forums: More Packing Oddities

Deciding what to pack or — possibly more crucial — what to leave behind, is part and parcel of cruising. The usual pattern is that most of us take far too much on our first cruise and fine tune things down the line. However, for many passengers the packing ritual goes way beyond what to […]

Hot on the Forums: Do You Collect Cruise Souvenirs?

Fridge magnets, key rings, ornaments and the obligatory T-shirts (bragging rights optional) are some of the most popular cruise souvenirs to bring home, according to a thread on the forums — and that’s not forgetting the things you really don’t want to bring back, such as extra pounds and credit card bills. A discussion of […]

Hot on the Forums: Do Costume Parties Make You Want to Jump Overboard?

Mention the words costume party, and you’re guaranteed to get one of two reactions — each at one of the furthest ends of the barometer. Now, I’ve been known to dabble in a bit of light sartorial swashbuckling on pirate night, but for other cruisers, even formal night is perceived as going too far. The […]

Hot on the Forums: Can You Bear to Leave Your Pets at Home?

As an animal lover, I’ve been on many a cruise where the dinner table conversation has turned to four-legged friends and my dining companions have pulled out photographic evidence of cute cats, delightful dogs and more exotic creatures including parrots, reptiles and chinchillas. Although I have always been happy to set sail and leave members […]

Hot on the Forums: Is Topless Sunbathing OK on a Cruise Ship?

Legendary actress Brigitte Bardot started the trend for topless sunbathing in St. Tropez in the ’60s. But what’s permissible on beaches is considered, by some, distasteful on deck. At one point, topless sunbathing was fairly common on cruise ships, and not just those in Europe. On Carnival ships, the top deck around the funnel was […]

Hot on the Forums: Is A Cruise Value for Your Money?

From the Cinderella-like disappearance of the once obligatory midnight buffet and lack of lobster to chocolate-free pillows and increased gratuities, any seasoned cruiser is likely to say that life on the ocean isn’t the value it used to be. While some complain cutbacks have gone too far, the other side of the coin is that […]

Hot on the Forums: How Does a World Cruiser Cope After the Cruise is Over?

We all know that sinking feeling when you disembark from a cruise and come back down to earth with a bump. For me, reality hits before I even get to the front door, as I start thinking about domestic chores, work, bills to pay and a waistline to shrink. So it makes me wonder how […]

Hot on the Forums: Silencing Singing Waiters

Call me a party pooper, but I dread having a birthday while I’m on a cruise. The dining room lights dim to cue the arrival of a cake with a sparkler or candles (depending which line you’re on) while waiters circle the table and erupt into a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Strangers at surrounding tables […]

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