Hot on the Forums: Creating Crazy Combos at the Buffet

Burger pizza anyone? As someone who makes Marmite and squashed banana sandwiches (go on, I dare you) and recently tried a slice of peanut butter and jelly pizza (surprisingly good), it’s fair to say I have a few odd food faves. But when faced with an expansive ship’s buffet I find it hard enough to [...]

Hot on the Forums: Up in Smoke

This week Carnival announced that as of October 9, it will ban smoking on its balconies, joining most other mainstream cruise lines. Just Norwegian and Holland America allow balcony smoking now, and in the UK, Saga and Fred. Olsen (which doesn’t have many balconies anyway). The first reaction for many cruisers is probably ‘Good!’ Even [...]

Hot on the Forums: Frugal? Or Stingy?

You’ve seen them onboard: The sneaky people who sidle up to the photographers’ gallery, locate their own mugshot and take a cheeky snap on their iPhone. Tightwads? Or just travelers who feel that cruise lines deserve as good as they get when it comes to money-making opportunities? The difference between being frugal and being downright [...]

Hot on the Forums: Stupid Passenger Tricks

A new trend in cruise passenger behavior has come to light recently: Doing Really Stupid Things. A week ago, the website posted a picture of a man sitting on his balcony railing onboard Norwegian Getaway as the ship left St Maarten. Now, a woman has been photographed on Carnival Legend, climbing over her balcony [...]

Hot on the Forums: How Do You Handle a Cruise Bore?

I had only just sat down and introduced myself to my new dining companions when a foghorn voice boomed from the far end of the table: “So is this your first cruise?” Before I could open my mouth, the questioner drew breath and launched into a monologue about every cruise he’d been on. With only fleeting [...]

Hot on the Forums: Would You Pay for Breakfast Onboard?

Would you pay for breakfast on a cruise? There’s no cause for panic just yet, but Cruise Critic member LMaxwell has posted an intriguing idea on the forums: the possibility of cruise lines charging for a decent breakfast. The theory, this member claims, is that breakfasts on ships are ‘weak’ – “More of the frozen [...]

Hot on the Forums: How Do You Like Your Bacon?

English bacon There’s a tasty debate sizzling away on the Cruise Critic forum but for once, it’s not about single supplements. Or whether Britain should leave the EU. Not even dress codes on formal night. The topic of the moment? Bacon. The discussion all began when member CrusinCaren moaned that bacon had been served ‘raw’ [...]

Hot on the Forums: How Long Could You Stay on the Same Ship?

It’s often said that the latest and greatest cruise ships have so many attractions, you could stay onboard for a month and never get bored. But does anyone put it to the test? As proof that it happens, we cite this entertaingly bemused post by member LMaxwell whose elderly neighbor stayed on Oasis of the [...]

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