Hot on the Forums: Do You Take Steps to Avoid the Elevator?

I was interested to see that a piece on elevator etiquette was up there with other hot topics on Cruise Critic’s annual review of the most popular stories and blogs of 2014. On one of my first cruises, I quickly realized that taking the elevator from point A to point B was not exactly smooth […]

Hot on the Forums: Do You Go Nuts for Bar Snacks

Any bartender worth their salt knows free sodium-filled snacks make customers thirsty and want to drink more – or simply draw them in, in the first place. Many of our forum members think drinks and salty nibbles go hand in hand, and are perturbed when they can’t find them. One of them is jdcml, who […]

Hot on the Forums: To Bare or Not to Bare?

To bare or not to bare? Dressing in your bathrobe to and from the pool is a quandary that has sparked much debate on our forums, but just what is the correct etiquette? This debate began when member PreferWarmWeather wrote, “What’s the consensus of wearing the RCCL robes to and from the pool area? Personally […]

Hot on the Forums: Cruisers Handle Clingy Shower Curtains

When I check into a cabin, it doesn’t take long to work out whether I will be singing in the shower or having a touch of the washday blues. My main complaints are wafer-thin soaps that instantly break in half, stingy containers combining body wash and shampoo (which invariably leave your hair as dry as […]

Hot on the Forums: Too Close for Comfort?

How many times have you been shown to an onboard table for two and discovered the romantic dining spot you had in mind looked more like a sawed-off section with barely enough room to squeeze in? When you’re virtually sharing salt shakers with the people next door, it can be hard not to eavesdrop into […]

Hot on the Forums… Brown or White Eggs: A Cracking Discussion

Click on the Cruise Critic message boards and you’ll be transported to a fascinating place. No question is too large, too small, too obscure or too wacky. Sometimes a subject really grabs members’ attention, provoking wit, humour and – in this case – some brain-teasing, philosophy, everything you always wanted to know about chickens (and […]

Hot on the Forums: Comical Cruise Complaints

Side-splitting comedians may be on the bill, but look no further than the guest relations desk for a rich source of (unofficial) cruise ship entertainment. Blissfully unaware of their audience, passengers grumble long – and loud – about their perceived “complaints.” I once witnessed an irate couple, outraged that the two cases of wine they’d […]

Hot on the Forums: Terrible Towel Animals

Some passengers love them, and others are – quite literally – happy to wash their hands of them. While I drew the line at a sinister bedspread figure lurking in shadows when I returned to my cabin on a Nile cruise, I personally love towel animals! So much so, I went to the towel animal […]

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