Hot on the Forums: First Thing’s First – What Do You Do After Embarkation?

When I board a cruise ship, I’m not the best at filling the ‘empty time’ between embarkation and getting the green light to go to my cabin. I tend to sit around twiddling my thumbs, and it’s only after I’ve unpacked and got my stateroom shipshape that I really start to relax and enjoy my [...]

Hot on the Forums: Do Unwanted Souvenir Photos Make You Want to Snap?

Cruise Critic member NavyCruiser raised an interesting question in our forums. He wonders why thousands of photographs are still printed out on cruise ships when the vast majority wind up in the garbage, rather than a picture frame. Although he talks specifically about Carnival Cruise Lines, the issue is pertinent to any cruise line — [...]

Hot on the Forums: Cruising Broadens the Mind (and Also the Waistline)

When I first started cruising I noticed a curious thing – whenever I took stuff to the dry-cleaners it would come back a size too small. It also seemed odd that my washing machine malfunctioned after a voyage, running hot so clothes emerged smaller. Now of course, I know better. So while it’s true cruising broadens the mind, it also can broaden the waistline.

Hot on the Forums: 9 Tips for First-Time Cruisers

It’s your first cruise, and you’re setting sail with all the gadgets and gizmos of our digital age – phone, camera, tablet and so forth – and then in your cabin, you find there’s nowhere to plug in all the chargers. It’s just one of the many things that you only find out when you’re onboard [...]

Hot on the Forums: Can I Have your Autograph?

Selfies might have taken over from autographs, but there are times when only a good old fashioned signature will do. Naturally, I don’t want to spoil the magic, but I reckon it must be quite hard to write if you happen to be a mouse, duck or dog – particularly if you have to sign [...]

Hot on the Forums: Where’s My Bedtime Chocolate?

I think we all agree there’s never any danger of going hungry on a cruise ship; yet it seems there are some metaphorical tears on the pillow following reports of a shortage or total demise of bedtime chocolates – and it’s prompted quite a debate on the forums. However much I’ve already eaten, if I [...]

Hot on the Forums: Do You Take Food on a Cruise Ship?

A cruise ship might seem like the last place on earth where you’d need to bring your own food. I always swore I’d never be the type of unadventurous person who’d take sackloads of home comforts on holiday, but sure enough I found myself stashing a pack of Scottish oatcakes and a box of tea [...]

Hot on the Forums: Strange Items Lost and Found on Cruise Ships

I’ve always been intrigued by stories of priceless paintings, top secret documents, wooden legs and so forth being left on trains, buses, planes – and of course cruise ships. Accounts of lost glasses (very common), hearing aids, single shoes, underwear left behind in pre-cruise hotels and expensive jewelry left in the cabin safe after disembarkation are [...]

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