Hot on the Forums: How Did You Catch the Cruising Bug?

We all remember our very first cruise, but exactly what was it that made you splash out and try life on the ocean? Whether you developed sea legs in childhood, or came to cruising in retirement, there are lots of reasons behind passengers’ decisions to take the proverbial plunge. Many have now been revealed on […]

Hot on the Forums: Do You Have a Pre-Cruise Ritual?

Passport (check), wallet (check), tickets (check), keys (check), iron and oven off (check) – then repeat at least three times to make sure. We all have our pre-cruise rituals and checklists, but some are a lot more pleasurable than others. From splashing out on stretch limos to stopping at a favorite cafe on the way […]

Hot on the Forums: How Do You Cope With Noisy Cabin Neighbors?

It’s not unusual to have an unexpected wake up call on the water. Whether it’s a TV that hasn’t been turned off or doors that slam in the night, noises seep through walls that aren’t as thick as they seem. So many cruisers can relate to member jomf, who found herself sleepless at sea on […]

Hot on the Forums: Lobster – Love It Or Happy To Lose It?

Chatting about crustaceans (or loss of them) is a popular recurring theme on the Cruise Critic forums. It’s now resurfaced, so to speak, following Carnival’s decision to stop serving ‘free’ lobster on cruises of five nights or less. The announcement has also triggered a new wave of comments in a thread started back in 2011 […]

Hot on the Forums: When Do You Splurge — and When Do You Scrimp?

Everyone has different priorities when they cruise. Some people never set foot in the ship’s casino or in an onboard shop, but race to the front of the line to sign up for specialty dining or a hot stone massage. If you’re curious to know how others splash the cash at sea, you’ll be as […]

Hot on the Forums: Playing Pranks with Room Service Breakfast

The old adage goes that you should breakfast like a king, and nutrition experts always say it’s the most important meal of the day. However, it seems quite a few members are getting bigger breakfasts than they bargained for. Apparently, it’s not unheard of for nocturnal practical jokers to go around and alter room service […]

Hot on the Forums: Family Cruising… Beyond the Grave

Property, jewelery, heirlooms and personal bequests are among the many legacies people leave in wills to their loved ones, but how about an inheritance where a family gets to cruise every year on a specified line? It’s certainly a new one to me, and although I always reckon you should never look a gift horse […]

Hot on the Forums: What Snacks Would You Like to See Onboard?

Let’s face it, you’re never starved at sea or end up feeling ravenous on rivers. But there are times on a cruise when you have cravings for that little extra something in between meals. After an eye-watering serving of wasabi nuts appeared alongside my cocktail on a recent cruise, I found myself hankering the milder […]

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