Celebrity’s At-Sea Music Fest: Brilliant Marketing or a Huge Risk?

A Southern California desert institution will become a floating festival, undoubtedly attracting one of the youngest groups of passengers ever to sail on a Celebrity Cruises ship. The promoters behind Coachella, the annual music and art fest held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, have unveiled the S.S. Coachella, AKA the 2,886-passenger Celebrity […]

In Defense of Deck Chair Hogs

We’re used to making sweeping generalizations that everyone hates deck chair hogs, but it stands to reason that if everyone hated them, there would BE no top-ship swine in the first place. So, maybe people who hog chairs don’t know that they’re doing it … or maybe they just don’t care. We recently came across […]

Thread du Jour: Crazy Dining Room Tablemates

If you’ve ever been proposed to by a 10-year-old, offered the Book of Psalms after ordering wine with your meal or watched someone hand-inspect every single roll in the basket before selecting one, welcome to the club. You’ve broken bread at sea with a crazy tablemate. Stretching 550 posts, readers have been sharing their most […]

A Cruise Ship Etiquette Lesson, Like It or Not

You might not expect someone named Picklebongo, a moniker evoking sour dills and beatniks, to kick off a debate on at-sea etiquette. But Pickle did just that, weighing into the underwater minefield of do’s and don’ts on the Cruise Critic message boards. The only thing we can all agree on when it comes to etiquette? […]

No Jumping, No Diving, No Proofreading

Credit Cruise Critic member chef christoph for the title of this post — and for starting a thread highlighting cruise-related spelling errors and grammatical mishaps. You know … using “dinning” (cover your ears) instead of dining to describe the location of tonight’s feast or misplacing apostrophes on sun deck signage (“Dear Guest’s!”). Chef’s pic was […]

Getting to Know You: Meeting, Mingling and Mixing It Up

Azamara Club Cruises is one of Cruise Critic’s most enthusiastic partners when it comes to hosting onboard meet-and-greets for our members. But during my recent Singapore-to-Hong Kong voyage onboard Azamara Quest, the concept was taken to another level when I was asked to give a couple of enrichment lectures during the trip. I was momentarily […]

The Decline of Cruise Ship Elevator Etiquette?

“I have always wondered how common courtesy goes out the window when it comes to elevator etiquette,” begins a missive to the Sea-Mail inbox from Ria Maratheftis. “If I am waiting for an elevator & a few people come along & press the button, then why do they think they should be the first ones […]

Turkeys at Sea: 13 of the Worst Ideas in Cruising

Banning women from bring hair dryers onboard? Charging passengers to offset spiking fuel prices — after they’d already slapped down a deposit? It seemed like a good idea at the time. As our thoughts turn to roasted tom turkey, football and in-laws, we wonder: In all of cruise travel, which ideas will go down as […]

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