Can Americans Enjoy Cruising a British Line?

I’ve stumbled across a post on the Fred. Olsen section of the Cruise Critic forums in which American cruiser cruiseXlife asks, in a very positive and enthusiastic manner, whether he would be welcome on the traditionally British line. “Have you ever found a cruise that you really liked, that went to places you wanted to […]

Were You April Fooled?

If you’re anything like us, you spent most of yesterday either avoiding the Internet or reading everything with a skeptical eye. Several of our Cruise Critic members got into the act with April Fools’ Day pranks of their own. Our favorite? The announcement of “Carnivore Class” on Celebrity Cruises’ upcoming Edge Class ships, cleverly written […]

Is 18 Percent the New Cruise Tipping Norm?

For those who keep track of their cruise bottom line (and isn’t that most of us?), considering automatic gratuities leveled by cruise lines is a necessary part of budgeting. And lately, tipping rates have been creeping upward, from 15 percent to 18 percent. While many cruise line spas have long added an 18 percent gratuity […]

Would You Sail on a Karaoke-Free Ship?

In between the occasional complaint, we all like singing the praises of cruising. After all, that’s the main reason we migrate to Cruise Critic in the first place. But how would you feel if you really couldn’t sing? That’s the predicament facing Underboss101, who wants to book a cruise on Celebrity Summit in a year’s […]

An American and a Bunch of Europeans Walk onto a Cruise Ship

A funny and heartening conversation took place on our forums recently. Somebody felt they’d been mistreated on a cruise, got grumpy and came on the forums to vent about the injustice of it all. Sounds pretty standard, right? However, in doing so, the original poster generalized that all of Europe is full of rude people […]

How Much Did You Pay for Your Cruise?

Admit it: you love a bargain — and you love telling people you’ve got a good deal. We admit we’re guilty of it, too, but it’s high on the list of Most Annoying Conversation Topics Onboard. On a thread on the P&O Cruises forum bemoaning moaners, a sub-thread was started by Tayscot about those people […]

Can I Bring a Doorbell/Hammock/Pigs in a Blanket Onboard My Cruise Ship?

As Cruise Critic’s news editor I’m always reading through our message boards, keeping up with what our readers are talking about and concerned with. At least once a week I come across questions regarding what can and can’t be brought onboard a cruise ship. Most are straight forward. Can I bring a curling iron? Can […]

Decreasing Your Creases: How to Get That Wrinkle-Free Look Onboard

It’s a common problem for me when I travel, and now I know I’m not alone. How do I keep myself looking presentable when I’ve stuffed a week’s worth of clothing into a small suitcase? It seems no matter whether I carefully fold, gently roll or even use a three-suit garment bag, my clothes come […]

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