8 Lessons Learned From Taking the Kids on a Rome Shore Excursion

It’s an oft-repeated truth: Don’t drag young kids round Rome — or any European city — during a high-season cruise. It’s not worth it, as this sorry tale will prove. It all started off so well. Rewind a few months when I announced the trip to my two boys, ages 4 and 8: Me: Guess […]

Worst Cruise Line Policies for Families

Mainstream cruise lines love to talk about how family-friendly they are, and for the most part, they’re right. What could be better for exhausted parents than a week of no cooking or cleaning, free drop-off childcare that your kids will beg you to attend, ready-made activities ’round the clock and someone else to drive to […]

10 Tips for Surviving a Family Spring Break Cruise

Although I’ve taken well over a dozen cruises with my kids, we usually opt to avoid sailing during the family-free-for-all known as Spring Break. With ships booked to capacity and fares at top dollar, like most veteran cruisers, I avoid it like norovirus. But this year we decided to embrace the madness and booked April […]

Top 5 Reasons to Love a Halloween Cruise

Cruise lines love a good holiday. They rave about Thanksgiving (get someone else to cook and clean!), plan a mean party on New Year’s (balloon drops and Champagne toasts!) and go to town on Christmas (Gingerbread houses! Visits from Santa! Carolers in the atrium!). But Halloween doesn’t get as much press. Which is sad. I’ve […]

Cruising With Kids: Barbie Dream Cruise on Royal Caribbean

Before Mattel’s Barbie took on a variety of challenging and progressive careers (Ambassador for World Peace, 1986; Pediatrician, 1994; Paratrooper, 2000; Architect, 2011), she was the Barbie of my ‘70s childhood. Think Sun Lovin’ Malibu Barbie, whose most difficult job was maintaining those perfectly executed tan lines. To me, Barbie represents a freer time, when […]

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