We Try It: Sailing on a Shakedown

Your favorite cruise line has announced the dates for the maiden voyage of a new ship. Excited to be one of the first onboard, you race to book it. New ship, new hardware: What could go wrong? Plenty. Here at Cruise Critic, we’re experts when it comes to "shakedown" cruises. The term is generally used […]

Peter Knego’s Cruise Ship-Inspired Home

Return readers may remember the legendary John Siggins, who built a replica of the Titanic’s dining room in his back garden shed using artifacts from its sister ship, Olympic. It seems that John is not alone in his passion for recreating old ships. Meet Peter Knego, ship historian, who has incorporated some of his favorite […]

A World Cruise, By the Numbers

One-hundred days, 50 ports, 30 countries. Sound like the cruise of a lifetime? Whether you call it a world cruise, grand voyage, extended exploration or global circumnavigation, these lengthy cruises – offered by many cruise lines for passengers who have plenty of time on their hands – hold an air of old-world sophistication. For a […]

Hot on the Forums: Why Do You Cruise?

To seasoned seafarers it seems pretty obvious; and it doesn’t take long for first time cruisers to catch on. But I’m constantly surprised by the number of landlubber friends and acquaintances who ask me why I love cruising – often followed up with a quizzical: “But what do you do all day?” From now on […]

Combine Lines to Create Your Perfect Cruise Ship!

Imagine you’re a cruise ship designer. You have a blank check, and you’ve been given free reign to create your ideal cruise ship. The only constraint? You have to select features from existing cruise lines. This brilliant topic for what could be endless debate was, of course, posed on the Cruise Critic forums and has […]

If Ships Could Talk…

While Carnival Cruise Line announced details of its upcoming ship, Carnival Vista, last week with plenty of hoopla, some of the most exciting admissions were from none other than the ship itself. The @CarnivalVista Twitter account launched on January 19 with the tweet, “This is me, casually inviting you to spend a week with me […]

21 Signs You’re a Cruise Addict

Anyone can say they’re addicted to cruising. It’s easy to get hooked after one week of basking in the sun and fresh salty air, hopping around exotic lands without a worry in the world. But it takes a special set of credentials to actually bear the label. Cruise addicts are fully aware — and accepting […]

Cruising Through YouTube

We all know that YouTube can be a rabbit hole: Once you fall in, it’s hard to climb out. For cruise lovers, there are thousands of videos you could watch, everything from pier runners to flash mobs to wild crew parties. (And if you can resist those related videos, I’d like to shake your hand.) […]

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