10 Dos and Don’ts for Throwing a Nautical Theme Party

Summertime. It’s enough of an excuse to host a nautical theme party for you and your fellow cruise-lovers, but throwing a great soiree requires work. Sure, you can Google a “how to” list that tells you the basics, like setting a date and knowing how much food to order, but it most likely won’t remind […]

Cruise Line Comparison: Match Your Favorite City to a Cruise Line

Like most major cities, each cruise line has its own personality, based on its culture, activities and, of course, people. Below, we’ve made a cruise line comparison that pairs each mainstream line to a city with which it seems to have quite a bit in common. See which line is right for you, based on […]

Which Cruise Line is Best, Based on the Myers Briggs Personality Test

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a psychological assessment that measures how people perceive the world. Read on to see which cruise line you should try, based on your type. ENFP: Azamara Club Cruises Free spirits by nature, ENFPs are independent travelers who crave adventure, emotional connections and endless possibilities. They are often the life of […]

5 Things You’ll Find Only on Holland America Line

With its reputation for offering a classic cruise experience (and a clientele that skews slightly older — average age is 55), you’re unlikely to encounter beer pong games or hairy chest contests on Holland America sailings. But the line offers its own brand of signature features that its passengers love. Here’s a look at some […]

Hot on the Forums: Would You Dare Sit on Someone’s Cruise Deck Chair?

Hot desking — where different members of staff share one desk or work station during different time periods — has become common practice in many offices. I guess colleagues have to reach an agreement about how many personal desk decorations and family photos are allowed, or just shovel them into a drawer in between shifts. […]

It’s Definitely You: A Dear John Letter to a Cruise Line

Have you noticed this year that many cruise lines have been raising fees and revising policies, giving priority to suite class passengers and changing loyalty programs? We have. (Follow our Cruise News for more details.) In fact, we’ve noticed dissatisfaction on the Cruise Critic boards – and occasionally here in our own office. Sometimes there’s […]

We Try It: Sailing on a Shakedown

Your favorite cruise line has announced the dates for the maiden voyage of a new ship. Excited to be one of the first onboard, you race to book it. New ship, new hardware: What could go wrong? Plenty. Here at Cruise Critic, we’re experts when it comes to "shakedown" cruises. The term is generally used […]

Peter Knego’s Cruise Ship-Inspired Home

Return readers may remember the legendary John Siggins, who built a replica of the Titanic’s dining room in his back garden shed using artifacts from its sister ship, Olympic. It seems that John is not alone in his passion for recreating old ships. Meet Peter Knego, ship historian, who has incorporated some of his favorite […]

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