Do We Love These Free Cruise Bags? Totes!

Who can resist a free gift? Cruise lines don’t give much away for free, but a handful actually provide all or certain passengers with a complimentary tote bag. They’re perfect for schlepping your room key, wallet, sunscreen, toys for the kids, iPod or iPad, and other necessities around the ship … and for starting conversations […]

8 Reasons to Pack Duct Tape on Your Next Cruise

Duct tape. It’s the powerful, sticky, loyal best friend that should be part of any savvy cruiser’s packing list. Airline destroy your bag? Duct tape can help. Stubborn shower or window curtains won’t stay closed? Force them to adhere to your rules. Bring the whole roll or reduce the bulk by wrapping some tape around […]

What Not to Pack: 5 Things You Want to Bring on a Cruise — But Shouldn’t

After the hair dryer-banning debacle of 2010, you knew no cruise line would be so naive as to attempt that again — the specter of thousands of frizzy-haired women descending on humid Caribbean ports is just too scary. But enormous hair dryers aren’t the only contraband that cruisers wanting to save money or look their […]

Confessions of an Overpacker

Numbers intimidate me. That’s why I write. Ask me what “pernicious” means (I imagine you’ll find it in the dictionary next to a calculus problem), and I can tell you. But when I hear that my suitcase can’t exceed 23 kilograms (about 50 pounds, according to Google), my eyes glaze over, and I immediately find […]

Coming Next Week: Become a Perfect Packer

It’s the night before your cruise, and what are you doing? You should be dreaming of exotic ports and blissful onboard massages. Instead, you might be staying up well past midnight, struggling with how to squeeze everything from swimwear to formalwear into a suitcase that doesn’t exceed airline weight limits and not leave anything essential […]

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