Decreasing Your Creases: How to Get That Wrinkle-Free Look Onboard

It’s a common problem for me when I travel, and now I know I’m not alone. How do I keep myself looking presentable when I’ve stuffed a week’s worth of clothing into a small suitcase? It seems no matter whether I carefully fold, gently roll or even use a three-suit garment bag, my clothes come […]

Do We Overplan for Cruises?

To plan or not to plan? That is the question.

Packing Challenge: An Adventure Cruise to the Amazon

Preparing for my latest voyage, the packing checklist looks a lot like the usual, at least on the surface. New shoes? Absolutely. A few new items of clothing? Why not. Camera, raincoat, Kindle, are also among the staples I lug around from cruise to cruise. But this is no “normal” voyage. On this trip — my […]

Win the ‘Ultimate Cruise Survival Kit’

Savvy cruisers know that smart packing means one thing: coming prepared for every at-sea eventuality. Even if that means bringing the hot sauce the ship doesn’t carry. (Just don’t bring these.)

Kill a Virus, Win a Prize

Along with the secrets to losing weight onboard while still stuffing yourself at the buffet and a surefire way to attain a free cabin upgrade, many cruisers are also searching for the Holy Grail of norovirus protection. From obsessive hand washing to investing in all sorts of hand sanitizers, Cruise Critic members have likely tried […]

10 Packing Tips From Real Cruisers

During packing week, we all learned a thing or two about what not to pack, paid homage to the wonder of duct tape and picked up a few new packing tips. Now it’s your turn to share your best advice, from strategies to avoid overpacking to the most important items to stow in your suitcase. […]

Do We Love These Free Cruise Bags? Totes!

Who can resist a free gift? Cruise lines don’t give much away for free, but a handful actually provide all or certain passengers with a complimentary tote bag. They’re perfect for schlepping your room key, wallet, sunscreen, toys for the kids, iPod or iPad, and other necessities around the ship … and for starting conversations […]

8 Reasons to Pack Duct Tape on Your Next Cruise

Duct tape. It’s the powerful, sticky, loyal best friend that should be part of any savvy cruiser’s packing list. Airline destroy your bag? Duct tape can help. Stubborn shower or window curtains won’t stay closed? Force them to adhere to your rules. Bring the whole roll or reduce the bulk by wrapping some tape around […]

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