Win the ‘Ultimate Cruise Survival Kit’

Savvy cruisers know that smart packing means one thing: coming prepared for every at-sea eventuality. Even if that means bringing the hot sauce the ship doesn’t carry. (Just don’t bring these.)

Food Souvenirs: Treats from the Mediterranean

Inspired by a brilliant Cruise Critic boards post on food souvenirs from the Mediterranean, Cruise Critic will run a blog series on the best food — by region — to pick up when you’re cruising. To kick off our gourmet venture, we have suggestions on what to buy in some of the most common countries […]

Celebrity Summit: Hard to Swallow or Worthy of Seconds?

Foodie NewGirl12 may be somewhat new to cruising, but she knows her stuff. She took her husband, a first-time cruiser, to Bermuda on Celebrity Summit and the couple have a few opinions on the dining experience. This self-proclaimed “food snob,” but also a realist — she took the galley tour and understands the constraints on […]

The 6 Stages of Eating During a Cruise

Day one — Resolution: “I’ll avoid greasy, bacon- and sausage-laden breakfasts, I’ll only have salad for lunch and I’ll go to the gym every day.” Sign up for exercise classes. Sometime around day two or three -– Denial: “I’m too tired/hungover/sunburnt. I’ll take a day off from the gym today. I’m on a vacation and […]

At-Sea Flexible Dining: Take It Away

Freedom dining, my time dining, your time dining, personal choice dining — call it what you will. Most of the big cruise lines introduced this alternative to first or second sitting because passengers said they wanted more flexibility. People wanted to feel they had a choice of when they’d have dinner, just as those on […]

Thread du Jour: Crazy Dining Room Tablemates

If you’ve ever been proposed to by a 10-year-old, offered the Book of Psalms after ordering wine with your meal or watched someone hand-inspect every single roll in the basket before selecting one, welcome to the club. You’ve broken bread at sea with a crazy tablemate. Stretching 550 posts, readers have been sharing their most […]

The Menus on Titanic: Mmmm, Corned Ox Tongue …

Cruise food sure has changed in the 100 years since Titanic set sail on its ill-fated voyage. With the anniversary of the ship’s tragic sinking just a couple of days away, the Internet has been abuzz with details of what it was like for passengers aboard the ship prior to the tragedy. We’ve been poring […]

Noro-Tanks and 6 Other Stories From Cruise Shipping Miami’s Tradeshow Floor

Cruise Shipping Miami (CSM), the annual industry mega-conference in March, is a who’s who of maritime heavyweights. But it’s nothing if not for its tradeshow floor. The sprawling 11.5-acre collapsible city features vacuum toilet purveyors, Noro-killing scooters and “art for ships” hawkers, alongside the requisite yards, ports and marine suppliers. It’s a fantastically trippy mishmash […]

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