6 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Cabin Steward Friendly

Have you ever had a falling out with your cabin attendant on a cruise? It’s an unusual event, as cabin stewards usually are the smiling, front-line points of contact passengers have with crew. But anybody can have an off day. From the sounds of the discussion on the Cruise Critic forums, member Cardqb and partner [...]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Growing a Lawn at Sea

Celebrity Cruises’ five Solstice-class ships, the latest of which, Celebrity Reflection, is on its inaugural voyage, are famous in cruising circles for their distinctive half-acres of living lawn on the top deck. The lawns are venues for bocce, croquet, afternoon jazz or simply for lying on a blanket with a book.

The 6 Stages of Eating During a Cruise

Day one — Resolution: “I’ll avoid greasy, bacon- and sausage-laden breakfasts, I’ll only have salad for lunch and I’ll go to the gym every day.” Sign up for exercise classes. Sometime around day two or three -– Denial: “I’m too tired/hungover/sunburnt. I’ll take a day off from the gym today. I’m on a vacation and [...]

At-Sea Flexible Dining: Take It Away

Freedom dining, my time dining, your time dining, personal choice dining — call it what you will. Most of the big cruise lines introduced this alternative to first or second sitting because passengers said they wanted more flexibility. People wanted to feel they had a choice of when they’d have dinner, just as those on [...]

Remembering Cruise Disasters: Tasteful or Tacky?

Just when we thought the media coverage of cruise disasters had moved on, it’s back to haunt us. The bizarre story of Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer, who plans to build and launch a replica of Titanic to operate the transatlantic run between Britain and the U.S., was widely mocked when the announcement was made [...]

Venice vs. Cruise Ships: the Fight Goes on

Everybody loves Venice. But the question is, increasingly, does Venice love us? Locals, particularly those belonging to campaign groups that include Italia Nostra and the No Big Ships committee have long been up in arms about the close approach made by cruise ships sailing along the city’s Giudecca Canal to the cruise terminal.

Fees of the Future? We Think of More Ways You Could Flush Your Money Down the Toilet on a Cruise Ship

We recently spotted a suggestion on the Facebook page of Carnival’s cruise director, John Heald, that caught our eye. A passenger, Brianna P, was upset because she wasn’t allocated a window seat in the main dining room and wrote to Heald: “I am willing to bet that if Carnival started charging a fee for window [...]

Do We Leave Our Brains Ashore When We Cruise?

We’re always hearing about the daft things passengers ask crewmembers onboard ships. Corkers like “Do the crew sleep onboard?” are great fodder for the cruise director’s comedy spot. “What time’s the midnight buffet?” is another one gleefully trotted out by crew when regaling others with tales of the stupidity of cruise passengers.

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