Wining & Dining: What’s Your Cruise Food Obsession?

Food and cruising go hand in hand. Whether it’s seeking out the best martini at sea or savoring the same mouth-watering dessert night after night, we all have our culinary obsessions. I have never understood the passion to devour copious amounts of lobster onboard cruise ships. Likewise crab claws, Alaskan or otherwise. Whether they’re ‘free’ [...]

Hot on the Forums: How Do You Handle a Cruise Bore?

I had only just sat down and introduced myself to my new dining companions when a foghorn voice boomed from the far end of the table: “So is this your first cruise?” Before I could open my mouth, the questioner drew breath and launched into a monologue about every cruise he’d been on. With only fleeting [...]

Egypt: Open for Business Again?

The last time I was in Egypt, the most popular tourist stretch of the Nile between Luxor and the Aswan High Dam was a non-stop bustling waterway, populated by small sailboats, working barges and river cruise vessels. The scene from my vantage point on the sun deck of MS Grand Rose tells a very different [...]

Hot on the Forums: What Onboard Activities and Areas Do You Ignore?

Cruise ships are awash with a multitude of onboard activities, from the traditional deck games, bridge, bingo and trivia quizzes that bring out varying degrees of competitiveness to all-singing all-dancing shows and movies under the stars. And that’s before you even tackle the rock-climbing walls and watersports on all-action cruises or strike a pose for [...]

Hot on the Forums: Sail for the Ship or Destinations?

Why do you cruise? If you’re reading this on a sun-soaked balcony with a glass of something suitable in hand or sailing towards exciting unchartered territories, it might seem a stupid question. But rather like the age-old chicken and egg conundrum, do you cruise to see the sea – and the ship – or do [...]

Hot on the Forums: Lime Shortage Leaves Sour Taste

Onboard margaritas and mojitos are missing their mojo and Coronas have lost their crowning glory due to a lime shortage. As commercial suppliers and buyers are – no other word for it -squeezed by the soaring cost of the small citrus fruit, thirsty cruisers have been left shaken and stirred. According to USA Today, a [...]

Hot on the Forums: Steering a Course to Your Cabin

We’ve all been there: You’ve studied the deck plan – and turned it upside down a couple of times for good measure – and you are convinced you’re heading forward to the red stairwell. Instead you end up aft by the blue stairwell looking at a row of even numbered cabins when yours has an [...]

Hot on the Forums: Should You Befriend Cruise Crew on Facebook?

An officer, waitress, hotel manager, cabin attendant and several bar staff (oh dear, there might be a bit of a common theme developing with that one) are among my cruise crew buddies on Facebook. There’s no doubt the social networking site makes it easy to keep in touch and see what everyone’s been up to [...]

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