Hot on the Forums: Can I Have your Autograph?

Selfies might have taken over from autographs, but there are times when only a good old fashioned signature will do. Naturally, I don’t want to spoil the magic, but I reckon it must be quite hard to write if you happen to be a mouse, duck or dog – particularly if you have to sign [...]

Hot on the Forums: Where’s My Bedtime Chocolate?

I think we all agree there’s never any danger of going hungry on a cruise ship; yet it seems there are some metaphorical tears on the pillow following reports of a shortage or total demise of bedtime chocolates – and it’s prompted quite a debate on the forums. However much I’ve already eaten, if I [...]

Hot on the Forums: Strange Items Lost and Found on Cruise Ships

I’ve always been intrigued by stories of priceless paintings, top secret documents, wooden legs and so forth being left on trains, buses, planes – and of course cruise ships. Accounts of lost glasses (very common), hearing aids, single shoes, underwear left behind in pre-cruise hotels and expensive jewelry left in the cabin safe after disembarkation are [...]

Just Back From…..A French Barge Cruise: 5 Surprises

I cut my nautical teeth on ocean cruises, followed by numerous river cruises on vessels carrying around 200 passengers. But for my last trip, I took my first barge cruise aboard one of CroisiEurope‘s four boats operating in France (24-passenger Jeanine, practically sharing my name), a lesser-known and smaller – in every sense – sector [...]

Hot on the Forums: Door Decorating, Tasteful or Tacky?

Navigating the way back to your cabin can sometimes be tricky; particularly when coupled with the cruise ship curiosity that make numbers blurred late in the evening (often combined with a sense of direction going out of the porthole). I have always resorted to asking a steward or crew member the way, but with a [...]

Hot on the Forums: Creating Crazy Combos at the Buffet

Burger pizza anyone? As someone who makes Marmite and squashed banana sandwiches (go on, I dare you) and recently tried a slice of peanut butter and jelly pizza (surprisingly good), it’s fair to say I have a few odd food faves. But when faced with an expansive ship’s buffet I find it hard enough to [...]

A Closer Look: What Song is Best for Sailaway?

What feelings would “My Heart Will Go On” – the Titanic theme tune – evoke if you heard it as you sailed out of port: Happy, excited – or extremely nervous? Apparently, there are quite a few of you who would like to listen to that particular soundtrack during the sailaway party, at least according [...]

Observed Onboard: Cruising with Japanese Toilets

Are you ready for a wash and blow dry? (And we’re not talking about hair salons.) When Princess Cruises turned its attention to Japan – with Japanese-built Diamond Princess and Sun Princess offering cruises designed specifically for passengers from Japan – it wasn’t just the menus that were tweaked to cater to the tastes of [...]

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