Hot on the Forums: Is A Cruise Value for Your Money?

From the Cinderella-like disappearance of the once obligatory midnight buffet and lack of lobster to chocolate-free pillows and increased gratuities, any seasoned cruiser is likely to say that life on the ocean isn’t the value it used to be. While some complain cutbacks have gone too far, the other side of the coin is that […]

Hot on the Forums: How Does a World Cruiser Cope After the Cruise is Over?

We all know that sinking feeling when you disembark from a cruise and come back down to earth with a bump. For me, reality hits before I even get to the front door, as I start thinking about domestic chores, work, bills to pay and a waistline to shrink. So it makes me wonder how […]

Hot on the Forums: Silencing Singing Waiters

Call me a party pooper, but I dread having a birthday while I’m on a cruise. The dining room lights dim to cue the arrival of a cake with a sparkler or candles (depending which line you’re on) while waiters circle the table and erupt into a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Strangers at surrounding tables […]

Hot on the Forums: Would You Dare Sit on Someone’s Cruise Deck Chair?

Hot desking — where different members of staff share one desk or work station during different time periods — has become common practice in many offices. I guess colleagues have to reach an agreement about how many personal desk decorations and family photos are allowed, or just shovel them into a drawer in between shifts. […]

Hot on the Forums: Would You Bare All at Sea?

Relaxing and trying something new are among (many) things I love about cruising. But I was interested to discover thousands of passengers shed a lot more than their inhibitions when they step onboard. According to altogether revealing research by the American Association for Nude Recreation, around 30,000 people a year board clothing-optional cruises, available on […]

Hot on the Forums: Should Corkage Fees Be Uncorked?

One of my little cruising rituals is to enjoy a glass of wine in my cabin when I’m getting ready for dinner, and usually it’s a tipple I have brought onboard. Most cruise lines allow you to bring a bottle or two with you, for this very purpose. Step over the threshold, however, and you’re […]

Hot on the Forums: Is it Better to Be Overdressed or Underdressed?

According to Mark Twain “clothes maketh man,” and there’s nothing like the topic of dress codes to get cruisers hot under the sartorial collar. Most times, the debate concerns passengers who shun suggested formal night attire, donning T-shirts and flip-flops instead of tuxedos and fancy shoes. Style police aside, we’ve all had moments when we’ve […]

Hot on the Forums: Ship Pin Mania

What’s the point of ship pins? Whether it’s a souvenir bought in the gift shop or received as a perk for your VIP status, the pins are certainly cute. But what do you do when you’re back on dry land? Many Cruise Critic members love ship pins and they’ve come up with plenty of imaginative […]

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