7 Reasons You Should Try Princess’ New Alaska Cruise Program

Midnight sun, otherworldly views and some of the best seafood you’ll ever eat… the list of reasons people seek out an Alaska cruise in the summer could go on. Princess Cruises has long received kudos for its standout voyages to the Last Frontier; it won the “Best Itineraries” award in our 2014 Editors’ Picks. When […]

Towel Animals That Can’t Even

And you think YOU’RE having a bad day. Check out our gallery of towel animals who are over it. This towel animal is having an identity crisis with its clashing-color body. (unknown) This towel animal is not okay with being choked by its own legs. (Photo: HOTELCURLY)

9 Ways to Get Sick on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships get a bad rep when it comes to Norovirus. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure the stomach flu can happen wherever people are in a small area. Since health officials are only required to track illnesses on ships — not hotels or resorts – it seems TV cameras congregate only when sickness […]

21 Signs You’re a Cruise Addict

Anyone can say they’re addicted to cruising. It’s easy to get hooked after one week of basking in the sun and fresh salty air, hopping around exotic lands without a worry in the world. But it takes a special set of credentials to actually bear the label. Cruise addicts are fully aware — and accepting […]

Hope for the Holidays: The Gift of Cruise

Giving seems to become instinctual this time of year. Our hearts are warmed by stories of people donating to the less fortunate, or the smile on a child’s face when he or she gets one gift and starts to believe in Santa. This holiday season, a cruise line is shedding hope in its own way. […]

4 Trendy Theme Cruises You Should Consider

What do book lovers, fitness junkies and binge watchers of popular TV shows like MasterChef and Dancing With the Stars have in common? They can all revel in their passions and fandom on a theme cruise. Theme cruising has taken great strides in recent years, gearing more toward popular trends and interests. Reality show stars […]

Wanderlust Wednesday: Inside the Panama Canal

Every Wednesday, we’ll be taking you on a journey around the world to some of the most interesting places our members have trekked, swum or merely witnessed from afar while cruising. Whether these photos inspire you to plan a relaxing escape or walk on the wild side, we hope they ignite your senses and give […]

Hold that Door! The 6 Rules of Cruise Ship Elevator Etiquette

It seems that common courtesy has been declining since the Love Boat days of cruising — and nowhere is the death of chivalry and benevolence more apparent than cruise ship elevators. Naturally, people are more impatient in today’s faster paced society. We get that stopping on every floor might prevent you from reaching the buffet before […]

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