Port Perceptions: Overcoming a Negative First Impression

Not every port makes a stellar first impression. Misunderstandings happen, plans fall through, expectations are dashed. And nowhere in recent memory did I find that truer than in Cabo San Lucas. I had high hopes before I arrived in this happening resort town, long a centerpiece of Mexican Riviera cruises. As a celebrity magazine addict, [...]

We Try It: With Parasailing, Age is Relative

For those with the daredevil gene, the sight of a parasailing balloon rising across the waves is almost irresistible. The chance to soar high above the waves, to see a port from a seagull’s perspective, doesn’t come along every day and perhaps represents the truest break from the routine back home (not to mention fulfilling [...]

We Try It: Flyboarding

It’s shameful to admit, but my first exposure to flyboarding – the latest and hottest beach activity to hit cruise ports – came via US magazine, when I spied a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio zooming up into the sky, like a waterborne Iron Man. Granted, Leo breathes far more rarified air than I do; his [...]

Destination Spotlight: The U.S. Virgin Islands, For Every Traveler

Whether it’s your first or 15th trip to the Eastern Caribbean, chances are good that one of the U.S. Virgin Islands will be a stop on your itinerary. The three main islands – St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John – receive an astounding number of cruise passengers per year; in 2013, nearly 2 million [...]

Has Go Pro Use Gotten Out of Hand?

There’s no question that Go Pros – those small and lightweight cameras that attach to your hat, scuba mask, pole mount, kite, what have you – have revolutionized the way that people memorialize their vacation. On our member forums, we’ve seen some awesome videos that range from water slide antics to underwater snorkeling to on-the-beach [...]

Did Seasickness Sink Super Bowl Sunday?

Did excessive time spent on a cruise ship sink the Broncos on Super Bowl Sunday? Let’s play Monday morning quarterback. Denver used Cornucopia Majesty, a 1,200-passenger sightseeing vessel that’s the largest party boat in the Northeast, as its media headquarters in the days leading up to the football game. The 210-foot-long ship, which is normally docked [...]

Cruising Choices: Glacier Bay vs. Tracy Arm

Making the correct cruise choice can be tough: Carnival or Royal Caribbean? Breakaway or Getaway? Alaska or the Caribbean? In our new Cruising Choices series, we take a look at some of our readers’ more difficult decisions – and hope to help with some answers. Today’s dilemma: Glacier Bay vs. Tracy Arm. Background: Alaska has [...]

Has Cruising Pushed You Out of Your Comfort Zone?

On her cruise through Indonesia last month with Compagnie du Ponant, Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief Carolyn Spencer Brown found herself within spitting distance of a Komodo dragon (not that you’d ever lob anything toward these prehistoric, deadly creatures). It made us wonder: Has cruising ever pushed you out of your comfort zone? We posted the question [...]

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