Hot on the Forums: Door Decorating, Tasteful or Tacky?

August 1, 2014 | By | 2 Comments

Fun door decorations on a Disney cruise
Navigating the way back to your cabin can sometimes be tricky; particularly when coupled with the cruise ship curiosity that make numbers blurred late in the evening (often combined with a sense of direction going out of the porthole).
I have always resorted to asking a steward or crew member the way, but with a bit of creativity you can make your own homing device and/or celebrate a special occasion.
However, who would have thought Cruise Critic member IPlayWithString would open up such a can of worms by posing the seemingly innocent question: “So…door decorations. Do you do it?”
That result is a surprisingly lengthy thread that’s firmly divided between two camps, with plenty of robust debate.
Says member Laurie S: “You bet I do, it’s fun. I have three sparkly felt pieces with various stick ons like palm trees, a cruise ship, martini glasses, etc. I also put a garland around them that ties into the cruise.”
Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, honeymoons, anniversaries and graduations, you name it. If there’s an excuse, the cabin door decorators will be there.
jacmo24 says it helps stop her husband being lost at sea. “We did once on a Christmas cruise. It definitely helps you find your room. My DH tends to forget the room number and has tried to unlock many another’s room and then has wandered for quite some time before finding us again. I really enjoy seeing decorations, especially on holiday cruises.”
LittleJean takes things a step further: “Not only have I decorated our door for several cruises, but I have also organized door decorating contests for some of the roll call groups that we have been involved with.”
And all credit to practical TexasCruiser52 who admits: “I decorate mine because I’m old and directionally impaired so it helps me find my room.”
On the other side of the coin, Loubetti sniffs: “I’ve never done it, and never will. I don’t need to call attention.”
LTS1960 agrees: “Adults decorating their cabin door like it’s college or something is silly. You don’t need decorations to figure out which cabin is yours, they have numbers. It’s kind of like a huge family on a cruise and they go around all week wearing matching t-shirts; annoying.” (Whoa, don’t even go there).
And it appears things can come unstuck, or not, as the case may be. There are dark mutterings in the forums of door decorations being stolen or leaving a nasty, sticky mess for cabin stewards to clean.
It’s a subject that’s definitely not an open or shut case.
So are door decorations tasteful or tacky? Let us know what you think.
*Looking for more decorating ideas? Read our post, 8 Ways to Pimp Your Cabin.
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    1. Jim biggs
      August 1st, 2014 @ 2:46 pm


    2. Arubalisa
      August 2nd, 2014 @ 12:01 am

      ^^^ What Jim biggs said. More work for underpaid ship staff.

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