You Tell Us: 5 Refreshing Ways to Cool Off on a Cruise Ship

July 8, 2014 | By | 1 Comment

Father and son eating ice cream on vacation
With summer officially here, the heat is on, particularly in the Caribbean where humidity can get overwhelming in July and August. So we asked our faithful Cruise Critic Facebook fans what onboard treats brought their temperatures back down to acceptable levels.
Soft-serve ice cream. Who doesn’t enjoy a cone or cup of this summer-time favorite, available on almost every cruise line for no extra charge? As Herb Meade put it, “The soft serve is the oft forgotten but one of the most amazing little perks to cruise life.” We agree.
Cocktails and Mocktails. For many, a Caribbean cruise is synonymous with frozen drinks – and many fans listed their favorites. Not surprisingly, daiquiris, mojitos and margaritas earned top honors, while for others, an ice-cold martini is the perfect pre-dinner cooldown. Lemonade, mocktails and iced tea all have their fans. And – you knew it was coming – beer, either singular on a balcony or served in a bucket by the pool.
Wet towels. Some cruise lines, such as Azamara Club Cruises, greet passengers returning from shore excursions with cold towels. We agree with Lucy Mitchell – we can’t think of a better welcome after a hot day exploring.
Frozen ice cream in a cup of coffee
Regular ice cream/gelato. Not quite as popular as soft-serve, regular ice cream still has a following, even though some brand-names such as Ben & Jerry’s or gelato bars carry an extra fee. We love this suggestion from Donna Barger, who discovered a new favorite when a crew member told her to pour coffee over a glass filled with ice cream. “That was the best drink I ever had a cruise!” she said. We can’t wait to try it.
Swimming in the pools. Technically, not a treat of the ingestible sort. But as member Warwick Drayton put it, the activity is non-fattening – and he’s been able to LOSE weight on his last three cruises. Something to consider as the rest of us pour hot fudge on that soft serve.
Watermelon slices
Other good suggestions: Watermelon and other fresh fruit, iced caramel latte and the Ice Bar on Norwegian Epic (also available on Breakaway and Getaway).
And a few weird ones. We’re not sure if pepperoni pizza, chocolate melting cake or chocolate chip cookies count as a cool downs, but for some people, they do the trick. And we’ll skip the salt sticks, an electrolyte replacement product for cyclists, triathletes and adventure races. On a cruise at least, we’ll stick with the soft serve, thanks.
Did we miss your favorite? Tell us in the comments!
*Fearful all that ice cream will put on the pounds? Check out our 7 cruise ship diet busters – and see what to eat instead.
*Summer is also storm season. Check out our cruising Hurricane Zone to keep up with the latest.
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    1. Judy
      July 8th, 2014 @ 3:52 pm

      Staying in where the A/C is running

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