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June 20, 2014 | By | 1 Comment

Cruise passengers doing stupid things
A new trend in cruise passenger behavior has come to light recently: Doing Really Stupid Things.
A week ago, the website posted a picture of a man sitting on his balcony railing onboard Norwegian Getaway as the ship left St Maarten. Now, a woman has been photographed on Carnival Legend, climbing over her balcony railing and on top of a lifeboat, where other guests report that she wandered around taking photographs as the ship cruised the open sea.
Maybe these things happen all the time and we just don’t see them, but these two photos in the space of a week are an eye-opener.
Any experienced cruiser (or person of moderate sense) would know that a sudden lurch of the ship could have sent Lifeboat Lady plummeting into the sea or Balcony Man splatting across the metal ledge beneath his feet (which we assume he thought would protect him) and onto the promenade deck below.
Cruise Critic members discussing both cruise pictures on the forum are unanimous in their opinions of these two adventurers. “I would have called security and guest services,” says member Pammycakes of Lifeboat Lady (which is, according to the report, what onlookers did). Wrigley80 grumbles: “People like her give the rest of us a bad name,” while Lorriv20 points out, “She must be a true cruise ‘virgin’. I cannot see a frequent cruiser doing something this stupid!”
The problem is, if one of these passengers were to topple overboard, the cruise industry would be blamed, whatever the cause. As member Pe4all points out, “If she had gone overboard, she probably would have sued Carnival for putting the lifeboat there as an ‘attractive nuisance!'”
Yet as Sailinglisa says, people don’t just randomly fall off cruise ships. There’s always a reason. “Accidents are the result of carelessness… and stupid, dumb behavior. Truly no one can ‘accidentally’ fall overboard unless they are sitting on balcony rails, climbing over them to get from one balcony [to another balcony] or pushing someone to do something truly stupid. The rails and other safety precautions are good enough that it really comes down to murder, suicide or stupid, dangerous behavior.”
Maybe a taste of life in the brig (the ship’s jail) until the next port is the answer for cruisers who think they’re Spiderman. Or a spot of naming and shaming, as cruise blogger Rich Cauthen reports: “Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis of the Seas was departing St. Maarten and the captain broadcast across the public announcement system to a gentleman that apparently was sitting on the balcony, “Sir, if you fall off the balcony railing, I am not turning the ship around to pick you up.”
What’s the most reckless behavior you’ve witnessed on a cruise and what punishment would you inflict? Tell us in the comments.
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    One Response to “Hot on the Forums: Stupid Passenger Tricks”

    1. boontj2003
      June 23rd, 2014 @ 11:23 pm

      We were in the Med at sea returning to Venice. 4 am man overboard. They did rescue him. Story goes he was thrown out for being drunk in the casino and was “sitting” on the railing! Just happened June 13!

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