WWYD: Botox on Board?

February 17, 2014 | By | 1 Comment

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Cruise Critic member Freckles83 posed an interesting question on the Holland America message boards recently. How about hopping off a ship in Costa Rica, known for the quality and low prices of its cosmetic surgery, having a quick procedure done, and hopping back on again?
If you think about this, it’s not a reality, as many members are quick to point out. For a start, no responsible surgeon would allow you in and out in a day – and the recovery time for even the simplest procedure (I googled liposuction, for example), is at least a few days. Besides, who wants to reboard their cruise ship bandaged up like a mummy, full of antibiotics, stitched and covered with bruises?
If you’re dead set coming home from your cruise with a new look, you could always indulge in a spot of Botox or some fillers onboard; several cruise lines offer minor cosmetic procedures, among them NCL, Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean.
But is there really any point? People claim it’s cheaper but I dug around for some prices. Botox for one area of the face in a London clinic costs $318. Botox for crow’s feet in a Steiner-run spa on a cruise ship is ‘from’ $254 – and when you add on the obligatory gratuity (which you wouldn’t ashore), the price is almost the same. The money might be better spent on a decent facial in the spa, surely? And as for the one-day ‘miracle’ teeth whitening… my dentist told me to avoid it like the plague (too much bleach and you can end up with transparent teeth that will glow blue-white in the neon of the cruise ship’s nightclub, not to mention a fair amount of pain).
On top of this, you haven’t got any comeback if it goes wrong, as your ship will have sailed off into the sunset by the time you realize one eyebrow has dropped, or your front teeth are completely see-through.
Cruise Critic members generally seem to take a dim view on the message boards of cosmetic procedures on ships. As Cruisemainiac says in a discussion about the merits of procedures at sea, ‘You’re on a cruise – you should look happy without the Botox!’ Quite.
But presumably some passengers indulge, as the cruise lines continue to offer these treatments. Have you taken the plunge, and were you happy with the results? Let us know.
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    One Response to “WWYD: Botox on Board?”

    1. Joan Kochetta
      February 18th, 2014 @ 1:13 pm

      Absolutely not. I have had botox for a medical condition but would only trust an M.D.

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