Has Cruising Pushed You Out of Your Comfort Zone?

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On her cruise through Indonesia last month with Compagnie du Ponant, Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief Carolyn Spencer Brown found herself within spitting distance of a Komodo dragon (not that you’d ever lob anything toward these prehistoric, deadly creatures).
It made us wonder: Has cruising ever pushed you out of your comfort zone? We posted the question on our forum and received varying answers, from zip-lining to glacier-hiking to deep-water diving (and everything in between).
There’s something about cruising that makes people a little more daring, it seems. As member feathersandnananose pointed out, “Having a comfort zone (the ship / cruise tour) as a home base makes the excursions into the “less-comfort” zone work wonderfully.” And middlehaitch wrote, “there is nothing like going off on a daring adventure, then sharing the excitement of the day with your table mates in the MDR.”
Here are some other favorite answers:
“DH wanted to do a doors-off helicopter tour of the island. I am not fond of flying and will never book a little plane if at all possible. I looked at the brochure and thought well, I’ve lived to be 73 so why not….that was the most fantastic flight ever!! I loved it!! I would do it again in a minute!! I shot so many great photos and it was absolutely the most fun we had on the three Hawaiian Islands that we toured.” – SPacificiBound
“I rode on the grand piano in the piano bar! The entertainer was performing a song that included my name and he invited me up on the piano. This is a lot more OUT-GOING that is normal for me. But I had a BLAST on-top-of-the-piano became my regular seat for the rest of that cruise! – printingchick
“Cave tubing in Belize, white river rafting in Costa Rica, as well as holding a large turtle, swimming with sting rays and dolphins. . All of these things I never would have thought I would do but had a blast doing them. I am now mobility disabled so am unable to do things that I would love to do. – tigercat
“For me being pushed out of my comfort zone was when I booked a balcony cabin that only offered a shower instead of my usual JS that has a tub. Can you tell I’m a bath only person?” – Ashland
“My (2006) Empress cruise was really out of my comfort zone – and it literally changed my life because I was so brave. I umped on the stage during Karaoke to join a complete stranger singing (I cannot carry a tune to save my life) – twice; judged the Sexy Mens Legs contest; got my face painted…I’m sure there’s a lot more but can’t think of it right now. And because I was having so much fun and was feeling so confident, I met a guy on the ship from the other side of the country, fell in love, and married him.” – Sandy Sails

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