Cruise Ship Cabins: Blow Out vs. Bargain

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With experience comes knowledge, and that applies to cruise ship cabins. After tripping over your suitcase a few times, you might realize a bigger cabin is worth the extra money; or maybe you feel that the wake trailing behind the ship looks far more romantic than a view of the Lido Deck. Or maybe the extras simply don’t appeal, considering you’re hardly in the cabin anyway.
Regardless of which cabin you gravitate towards most, we know you have good reason. But we were still curious as to what’s most important to you when booking one.
What we asked: What’s your motto when booking a cabin?
What they said: More than half our poll-takers (57.5 percent) won’t book without a balcony. Trailing behind at 33.33 percent are the price-conscious, who aren’t as picky and will sacrifice superfluity for a low price tag. And only a small fraction are in a toss up between the ultimate space and that million-dollar view.
So, for all you verandah votaries out there, what’s the most unusual balcony cabin you’ve ever stayed in?
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Check out our compilation of 14 Unusual Cruise Ship Balcony Cabins.
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