We’re At Sea: Answers to Your Questions About Norwegian Breakaway

May 9, 2013 | By | 5 Comments

Jogging Track Norwegian Breakaway
On Tuesday, Cruise Critic hosted a live chat about Norwegian Breakaway. We had a great time interacting with readers, who asked fantastic questions. In fact, some of them were so good, we didn’t know the answers. So when we got onboard Breakaway on Wednesday, we made sure to find out all we could for you.

Jay asked: You mentioned a jogging track on Deck 15. What is its length? Is it a complete circle around the ship? Thanks! And Deborah wanted to know: I was wondering the same thing, and does anyone know if it has weird turns in it like on some other ships?
The jogging track is on the smallish side — eight laps make up one mile — and it doesn’t go around the whole ship. It overlooks the kids swimming area a deck below. It’s a one-lane track, with the running pattern clearly marked, and there are no strange undulations or veers to accommodate bars, railings, humps or other oddities. We ran it this morning, and it was not particularly crowded. We also didn’t encounter any walkers. We’re surmising they preferred walking the Waterfront to fighting runners for track space. Or perhaps the rain and cooler temps kept folks inside.
Norwegian Breakaway Mini Suite Balcony
Wfbjr52 asked: What happened to the balconies?????
Yep, Cruise Critic members were right. These balconies are small. Here’s a photo of a balcony from a mini-suite to show just how tight (by my husband’s size 12s, its about 9 feet wide, 4 feet deep). The table is quite small, and it’s a little cramped sitting in the chairs facing the water. If you want a larger balcony, you’ll have to book a Haven Suite or a cabin that specifically is labeled “with large balcony.” When asked about the balconies on Norwegian Breakaway, president and CEO Kevin Sheehan said the decision to make them smaller was a conscious one. “We weighed the amount of time people spend on their balconies versus in their cabins and out and around the ship,” Sheehan said. Ultimately, the line decided it wanted to give people as much space in their cabins as possible and to make the bathrooms larger.
JohnM asked: I know the Breakaway has the Waterfront area with bars and restaurants; does she also have the traditional Promenade Deck encircling the ship with loungers and shuffleboard?
In short, no, there is no deck encircling with loungers and shuffleboard. The Waterfront is pretty darn nice, though. We stumbled (literally) across an oversized chessboard on the Waterfront. Loungers are nowhere to be found, though there are some chairs. The Waterfront truly seems to be an extension of the inside restaurants and clubs. As for shuffleboard, you can find two spots to play on Deck 7. Neither the Waterfront nor Deck 7 offers a true promenade that fully encircles the ship.
Fran asked: Is it true that in Ocean Blue and in perhaps all the restaurants with a fee that you are charged for an extra app or main course?
Yes! It’s true. We had dinner at Cagney’s last night, and there was a note on the menu stating the cover charge included three courses. An extra entree would cost an additional $10. It appears to be the case in other restaurants as well, though we haven’t visited them all.
Norwegian Breakaway Aft Facing Penthouse Balcony
Ragarm asked: Did you have a chance to view any of the Aft Haven Penthouse cabins? (We also had a follow-up question via Facebook on the size of the balconies in this cabin class.)
You got it. Here is a photo of the balcony for cabin 13302, a Haven Aft-Facing Penthouse. It’s quite spacious — among the biggest we saw onboard. Category is S6.
Norwegian Breakaway Family Inside
Finally, we got several questions about family cabins. This is an inside family cabin (category I1). The upper berths weren’t in sight, but you can see their outlines in the ceiling, one above each bed.
Did you miss our chat the first time around? Read it here.
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    5 Responses to “We’re At Sea: Answers to Your Questions About Norwegian Breakaway”

    1. Carlos
      May 9th, 2013 @ 8:22 pm

      Did you have the chance to view any accesible cabins. Comments about the size and the balcony. Thanks.

    2. Susan
      May 10th, 2013 @ 9:34 pm

      Can you check out a forward penthouse. We have 9106 and 9108.

    3. Jynxie
      June 29th, 2015 @ 1:18 am

      Thank you for this post! I was having to search the Norwegian site and getting annoyed with my bf getting anxious about not knowing how long the track is. They do not have the length listed on their site at all. You just saved me a half hour of sitting on hold.

    4. KDreamr
      August 31st, 2015 @ 12:19 am

      hi, is ocean blue leaving? What about the fee with ala cart restaurant’s?
      Whats coming instead of nickelodeon?

    5. Brittany Chrusciel
      August 31st, 2015 @ 11:11 am

      Hi there,

      Ocean Blue is remaining onboard but minus the Geoffrey Zakarian affiliation. This restaurant will join other specialty restaurants across the fleet moving to an a la carte model.
      No announcments have been made for a children’s program or brand partnership replacing Nickelodeon, but stay tuned!

      For more information, visit our news story

      ~Brittany Chrusciel, Associate Editor

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