Counting the Calories in Cruise Cuisine

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With a nearly unfathomable number of dining options at sea, you can pretty much eat around the clock — and we wanted to know just how many cruisers actually do. So, whether you order one of everything on the menu or strive to maintain your girlish figure…
What we asked: While cruising, I generally eat ___.
What they said: About 57 percent said they eat somewhat more. A further 21 percent said they eat substantially more. Another 20 percent said they eat about the same, while a measly 2 percent said they consume less.
What it all means: It’s no secret that cruising is one of the most food-heavy forms of travel, probably because most of it is included in the price. Backing up that claim on our Facebook page is Isaac Giroux: “We had a contest after dinner to see who could eat 6 chocolate melting cakes. It was both the best and worst night ever.”
Also supporting the overeaters, Porter Hill says he eats “until I can eat no more.”
Others take a slightly more sensible approach: “I usually overeat for a day or two and then pull back,” says Sharon Elder Wooten.
“I eat my usual diet, don’t gain weight on cruises,” adds Sylvia Dorman. (Lucky her!)
So what’s your approach to onboard eating? Do you splurge, enjoy in moderation or steer clear? Share your thoughts below.
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