Poll Position: When Is a Vacation No Longer a Vacation?

April 23, 2013 | By | 1 Comment

Here at Cruise Critic, we’re usually desk-based. But when we do get to travel once or twice a year, those trips aren’t exactly a vacation. We scurry around onboard taking notes, snapping photos, chatting with hotel managers, interviewing fellow passengers, checking e-mail and filing stories and Facebook posts via painfully slow Internet. Cruising is our job, so working while onboard is inevitable. But we wondered how many of you stay connected with the office while you’re at sea.
What we asked: Do you work during your cruises?
What they said: Of more than 1,600 voters, 58 percent said there’s not a chance. Another 31 percent said they either don’t work, or they’re retired. A further 9 percent said they check in occasionally, and the remaining 2 percent said they cruise for work.
What it all means: We’re glad to hear so many of you know how to draw boundaries. A vacation is a vacation, after all, and the majority of folks on Facebook agree.
“I don’t bring my laptop and I shut off my phone,” says Melissa Washington. “I tell people I’m going ‘dark’ for a week. Who wants to pay those international roaming charges anyways?”
“Cruising is a way for me to completely detach from work,” adds Vickie Sitzman Taylor.
Andee Bram makes a good point: “I don’t do personal things at work and I don’t do work things on vacation.”
And so does Angela Bailey Porter: “I work so I can cruise….”
Generally, those who do spend time checking in say it’s because they own their own businesses, and even then it’s usually infrequent.
“[I] wish I didn’t have to,” laments Barry S. Raines. “However my business would have cash flow interruption if I didn’t work a little.”
“When you own a business you always pay attention to it,” explains Grand Merritt.
Now it’s your turn. Do you work while you sail? Weigh in below.
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    One Response to “Poll Position: When Is a Vacation No Longer a Vacation?”

    1. Rick Douglas
      April 24th, 2013 @ 1:24 am

      I own my own successful business. It does need constant attention, but a good owner/manager will have prepared for his time off, and would have developed a team that he can delegate the running of his business for the few days he is away. Those who say they have to check in to keep their company running are probably control ‘freaks’ and can’t let go, and haven’t learned how to delegate effectively. The surest way to burn yourself out is to not give yourself a chance to get away for a few days. I personally wouldn’t want to do business with someone who thinks he can’t let go for a few days for his own good. That person is proving that he can’t make good business decisions.

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