Cruisers Unchanged by But Not Unaware of Concordia

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In a poll posted on our boards, we asked Cruise Critic readers if the Costa Concordia tragedy of January 2012 has changed the way they cruise.
The majority of responders– 69 percent– agreed Concordia has not changed the way they cruise, and many who left comments echoed this response.
“I have always been aware that a ship is on water, and ships can sink,” kingoftheicedragons wrote. “On every cruise we’ve been on, one of the first things we’ve done is located the life jackets in the cabin (that way, even in the dark, I would know approximately where to go and what to do to find them), paid attention at the muster drills, and just been aware that a disaster can happen at any time.”

Member rkacruiser also mentioned their overall preparedness but has given new thought to creating a small, easily accessible stash of necessary medications in the event of a quick or unexpected ship departure.
A few more of you– 14 percent– admitted to paying more attention during muster drills going forward.
A slight 8 percent of responders to the poll said they now pack emergency items when they cruise. Among those commenting on the boards, tiny flashlights proved to be the most popular and widely carried tool.
“I have always traveled (land or sea) with a small flashlight,”  wwcruisers admitted. “You just never know when you’re going to find yourself in the dark!”
A group of responders demonstrated cruise line loyalty, when 7 percent said that they only book with certain lines in the wake of the Costa Concordia tragedy.
“Well, for me, it’s not so much which cruise lines I book now (although I’m pretty loyal to the RCCL family) — it’s about which cruise lines I WOULDN”T book,” wwcruisers said.
A year after one of the worst disasters in modern cruising, many cruisers seem to share the sentiment of B&Z’s Mom, who said, “I don’t live my life or plan my vacations as if a disaster is imminent. It hasn’t changed the way we cruise (or travel for that matter), because I have always packed for emergencies.”
A year after Concordia, what is the impact on cruising.
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