Poll Position: To Cruise or Not to Cruise During Hurricane Season

July 30, 2012 | By | No Comments

The 2012 hurricane season has been a relatively quiet one so far. With just a handful of named storms and four hurricanes in the Pacific that didn’t have much cruise impact, we’re hoping the trend continues. That got us wondering: Would you cruise to potentially affected destinations during this time of year? What if the price was right?
What we asked: Would you sail during hurricane season for less than $50 a night?
What they said: About 54 percent said they’d absolutely go if it were that cheap. Another 23 percent said they’d go, but not because of the price. A further 12 percent said they wouldn’t risk it at all, and the remaining 11 percent said they weren’t sure.
What it all means: Price is a huge influence. If you’re flexible with your itinerary preferences and won’t be heartbroken if you miss a particular port in the event of inclement weather, a hurricane season cruise really isn’t much different from a cruise during any other time of the year. As far as safety is concerned, ships have tons of handy-dandy electronics that allow their captains to steer around any possible danger, and there are sometimes really great bargains to be had. As always, though, it’s prudent to consider travel insurance on any sailing, but especially during hurricane season.
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