Poll Position: I’m Not Allowed to, But …

July 2, 2012 | By | 3 Comments

There are lots of things passengers aren’t allowed to do onboard cruise ships, but wouldn’t it be fun to bend the rules? We were curious what people would most like to do if given one day of cruising with no regulations.
What we asked: It’s not allowed, but I wish I could ___ onboard.
What they said: A whopping 78 percent said they wish they could bring alcohol onboard. A further 13 percent wish they could fraternize with crewmembers. Another 6 percent would like to be able to smoke anywhere on the ship, and the final 2 percent would be happy taking their small children in the hot tub.
What it all means: We hope the cruise lines are listening on this one. It’s amazing to us that nearly 80 percent of almost 4,000 voters want their own alcohol. We also find it interesting that the next-highest number of votes came from those wanting to get to know their waiters and room stewards a bit better.
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    3 Responses to “Poll Position: I’m Not Allowed to, But …”

    1. Tom Pecena
      July 2nd, 2012 @ 2:34 pm

      It would be great to bring our own alcohol, but the the price of the cruise would shoot up by twice. Then they would complain that for the money they are paying they shouldn’t have to bring their own alcohol. Its funny how the value of cruising can’t be beat by any other vacation (or sometimes even staying at home) and yet people fret over $1 here and $2 there. In the past, cruises cost more up front, but then drinks and such were much cheaper. Either way, it all comes out the same when the credit card bill comes in afterward.

    2. John
      July 2nd, 2012 @ 2:39 pm

      There are so many things we wish we could do on cruise ships and each and every line and ship does enforce the rules differently. There are many things the cruise lines don’t want you to know as well. On Carnival it would be nice if a whole family can share the fountain fun card. Cruise lines should permit the boarding with your own alcohol. This is one of the most controversial issues on the message boards. Many lines permit a bottle of wine or champagne so why not beer or other various liquors? I have personally been on 33 cruises and strongly urge the cruise lines to permit boarding with alcohol of your choice, minimal of course. Its not like you aren’t signing for every drink you get at the 24+ bars on the ship and around the pool. I do think cruise lines have become greedy and with thigh demand for cruising its generated increases in gratuities, taxes & port charges. Celebrity Cruise Line actually listened to their passengers. The all inclusive drink package is the latest in their program. Solstice class ships now have it and it beginning a trend among other lines. Its great that your cruise and liquor is paid for prior to boarding and may I say the packages are very reasonable.

    3. Kate
      July 3rd, 2012 @ 5:38 pm

      LOL- “wish” to bring booze onboard.

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