Live From Allure of the Seas: 5 Bars With Killer Views

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I’m seeing double: my bloody Mary and a surfer who was just flipped off his board and shot backward on a jet stream of water. (He’s fine.) Of Allure of the Seas’ 20-odd bars and lounges, a number offer beers alongside views you won’t find anywhere else at sea. Beyond the FlowRiders, you can nurse a vodka tonic while you study tropical plants, trace a plummeting high diver or feel the air become thinner and thinner as you float upward. One tip before we begin: While your tolerance might low, bar prices at sea are high. So look out for the deals — 2-for-1’s, 25 percent off and such — listed in the Daily Compass.

The Wipeout Bar. This top-ship watering hole (pictured above) is situated between Allure’s two FlowRider surf simulators. There’s nothing unusual about the drink selection, but look port and starboard, and you’ll see boogie boarders and surfers, respectively, downed by the inevitable wipeout. Now face forward for unimpeded views over the stern. It’s easy to see why bar tenders, who rotate location every two weeks, covet this spot.
Rising Tide. Allure’s novelty bar floats up three decks form the Royal Promenade to Central Park and back down. Take-offs for this space pod-style venue occur every 30 minutes during designated hours (there’s a digital signage). The ride time is usually about 20 minutes, but the “driver” can adjust speed up and down.
The Trellis Bar. Amid Central Park’s tropical greenery is the spare Trellis Bar with the cross-hatched roof. Central Park is Allure’s alternative restaurant hub, with a quartet of venues serving steaks (Chops Grille), Italian (Giovanni’s Table), wine and tapas (Vintages) and a six-course degustation menu featuring ingredients like cranberry beans, basil seeds and bison (150 Central Park). At night the, the park lights twinkle and passengers idle at the Trellis Bar for a pre- or post-meal cocktail.
The Boardwalk Bar. If you haven’t snagged a seat for “OceanAria,” the AquaTheater’s acrobatics- and diving-laden spectacular, the Boardwalk Bar provides a back-row vantage. The views during the day aren’t any slouch either; you can watch spider monkeys navigate Allure’s 43-foot rock-climbing walls or zip-liners shoot diagonally from starboard to port nine decks above.
Dazzles. A party band regularly plays at this Deck 8 venue, situated between the Boardwalk (Deck 6) and Central Park (Deck 8). Even during theme parties, like 70’s night, the space never gets all that crowded. Isolation is to blame — without a cluster of alternative restaurants, bars and cafes to attract passengers, Dazzles is a bit of an island. But the picture-window backdrop won’t disappoint anyone who ventures there.
From a tour of his cabin to the 411 on sun deck hideaways and the for-fee steak in the main dining room, Dan’s been all over Allure. Missed any of his reports? No worries: They’re all right here.
We stayed up so you don’t have to: See our feature 24 Hours, 24 Photos, 24 Activities on the World’s Largest Ship.
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    2 Responses to “Live From Allure of the Seas: 5 Bars With Killer Views”

    1. Frank L.
      August 6th, 2011 @ 1:45 am

      Hi Dan: Thanks for your responses to date. I have a part-time job in a wine store and did not get a chance to visit Vintages in Central Park as often as I would have like to. I did do the “Chefs Tables” and had a fantastic experience, with unlimited wine pours for each course that I was served.

      I know that you will cover an overview of Central Park and its venues. I know that Vintages does separate tastings, and I wonder if you could find out which ones are the most popular, as I cannot do all of them and want to pick the best bang for my buck for small group wine tasting.

      Of course nothing beats walking around Central Park late at night, with a glass of wine in my hand and engaging some lovely women in conversation, or just people watching under the stars. Can’t do that in Central Park NYC or the Public Gardens in Boston.

      I spen a considerable amount of time in Central Park on the Oasis, dining outdoors at Giovani’s table, even when it rained [ my wife and I were under an Umbrella]. Loved the art gallery and the park tour with the senior arborist. I learned that if there was ever a fire or scent of smoke in the park, the towers would open and either flood the park in seconds or the vacuums would suck out smoke very quickly.

      The metal artwork and overhead lighting were beautiful to look at in the evening. Some of the trees have leaves that are very aromatic when you crush them between your fingers.

    2. Bob T
      August 7th, 2011 @ 6:02 am

      Just back and agree wholeheartedly. One word – WOW!!! This was our 27th cruise covering 5 different cruise lines and 25 different ships. Absolutely amazing. We had 6217 folks on board, never seemed crowded and still there was room around the pools to set and watch. The designers got this one (and Oasis) right. They know how to spread the people out. You go on this cruise for the ships, not the ports because after this cruise, any other ship is going to be a letdown, unless of course you go on Oasis and maybe the Freedom class, which will still not compare. We could not do everything in 7 days. Be absolutely sure to read the daily paper to help you plan out you activities. Since you have to make free reservations for any and all of the shows, it takes a bit of preplanning to work it all in. If you go on board thinking you’ll go day by day, you’re going to miss an awful lot of activities. We’re seriously considering another 7 day to see all we missed. We had an inside room with balcony overlooking the boardwalk, about half way down on deck 11 and were able to watch the water show from our balcony which was great since we couldn’t get tickets (free).I’ll stress again, once you book this cruise, you need to make your reservations for the free shows (Chicago / Blue Planet, etc. or you might not get in. They do have standby lines which they let in 10 minutes prior to show time ( and they enforce this by scanning your sign and sail card which has all your reservations coded in)and if you are not reserved for the show, you don’t get in. “The Beach Pool” (salt water) is so popular that they do actually have pool police who will pull your stuff if you’re gone an extended period of time. So, beware you pool chair hogs, won’t work at the Beach Pool. Calmly claim you stuff at the pool station. The Solarium must hold 500 adults, on front of ship with two hot tubs and pool of its own.
      If you’re thinking of doing the Zip line on Labadee, a must if you’re into zip lines as it’s 1/2 mile (2600 feet) long, make reservations early. We waited until after lunch and couldn’t get on. A bit pricey for a short ride but, wow, what a ride. In Jamaica, do something with Dunn River falls if you’ve not done that before. The port is realy new, almost all shops are set up outside what will be, in about a year, their permanent home. There’s a town market just outside the gate but I’d not recommend going. safe but boy are you hounded by the vendors. We took the trolley over to Rose Hall on the free shuttle. Most high end stores for the neighboring resorts. Ended up going back to ship and setting out by pool. In Cozumel, if you’re looking for a really nice beach with, I’d recommend any excursion that goes to Paradise Island. The beach is great, has a large free play area in water with slides, etc and our excursion also included free buffet with open bar. We also did the excursion that got you there by high speed trick boat, The Twister. The boat ride was awesome. High speed 180 turns that will get you wet and a lot of fun, both there and back.
      All I can say is that is the Allure is your first cruise, you next will really be a letdown. If this isn’t you first cruise, be prepared to be amazed at this incredible ship.

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