It Came From Facebook: The Roughest Waters You’ve Cruised Through

July 6, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

One evening on my first cruise, 40-knot winds ripped across the deserted pool deck. A friend and I leaned into the gale, wearing stupid grins and billowing T-shirts. I won’t mention our IQ scores, but when we asked our 39,000 Facebook fans to share stories of rough voyages, many of you had similar sailors’ sentiments.

“I was on the North Sea between Edinburgh and Oslo in 1996 aboard the original Island Princess,” posted Jeff Long. “A lot of people were down for the count, but I loved every minute of it!”
Tom Koyzis agreed. “Been on 28 foot seas during Hurricane Noel … Kind of fun.”
Nancy Follin Infinger wrote of 30 Foot waves rocking Carnival Fantasy in 2004. “Soo many onboard were sick, including crew. Not us though! We had the whole ship to ourselves … Took me WEEKS to stop feeling the motion of the ship after we got home. So much fun!”
For others, sailing through rough seas was a matter of surviving seasickness.
“By all means it was crossing the Drake Passage coming back from Antarctica on Golden Princess,” wrote Karen Crouch. We had gale force 10 winds and seas of 25 – 30 feet. Kudos to the captain for sailing through it fairly smoothly, all things considered. And thank goodness for those seasickness prevention patches!”
Sailing out of Seattle to Alaska, Kathy O’Brien Allen was sick as a dog to the point where [she] would have paid any amount of money to debark. “Hubby went to the store onboard and bought sailors secret,” she wrote. “I was as good as new within hours. Now, I pop them like skittles before I even set foot aboard a ship.”
Sophie Moncaster, a crewmember on Fred. Olsen‘s [now retired] Black Prince, changed her tuen when a random freak wave struck. “The crew had life jackets on [and we heading] back to Dover … then heading out again (stupidly) and having to turn in rough sea,” she wrote. “The ship nearly went over. Oh and no stabilizers! Black Prince was known for its rough crossing, which I always thought where fun! I changed my mind after this. Still, I did stay at sea for another 12 years!”
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    One Response to “It Came From Facebook: The Roughest Waters You’ve Cruised Through”

    1. Andy Smithers
      July 6th, 2011 @ 11:31 am

      My partner asked why they had those “luminaria” bags around the ship. I fell over laughing not from the rough seas

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