What the Heck Is a Boomerang Cruise?

June 27, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

Nothing like some fanciful new cruise jargon to get the week off to an interesting start — particularly if you’re a fan of world cruises (if we had the time, we’d never get off a ship). We recently touched base with Cunard and British line P&O Cruises, and here’s what they predicted would be the next trend in world voyages: boomerang cruises.

First, it’s got nothing to do with Aborigines or Frisbee-style flying toys. A boomerang cruise is where you do a full world voyage but go to the farthest possible point on one ship – and come back on another one, thus alleviating that well-known phenomenon of World Cruise Fatigue. In other words, the ennui that sets in as you tire of your traveling companions, the ship, the food and the crew after a couple months at sea.
Here’s how it’ll work for Cunard’s 2012/2013 World Voyage program. You join Queen Victoria, in New York on January 18 and sail via the Caribbean, the West Coast and the Pacific to Australia. Abandon ship in Sydney on February 24, tour around Australia for a bit and on March 7, hop on Queen Mary 2 for the journey back to Southampton via Southeast Asia. Or jump off Queen Victoria in Auckland on February 19, stay one night and the next day, along comes Queen Elizabeth, heading back across the Pacific to New York. New ship, new faces, problem solved.
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    One Response to “What the Heck Is a Boomerang Cruise?”

    1. haydesigner
      June 27th, 2011 @ 1:32 pm

      I’d like to see some sort of version of this for short cruises. For example, a 3 day cruise from San Diego to Baja California (say Cabo San Lucas, for example). Then you could stay at Cabo for a week (or two), and then cruise back to SD on a different ship.

      Or, it could even be the same ship, if it keeps making those same, quick round-trips.

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