Slideshow: Battle of the Onboard Evildoers

We've all encountered them. They cut in line, wear jeans on formal night, steal pool towels, chatter loudly at dinner about their past-passenger status and otherwise commit unforgivable breaches of cruise etiquette.

They're the Onboard Evildoers.

Spurred by Cruise Critic reader feedback and cruisers' comments on our message boards and in the Lido Deck blog, we started seeing just how quickly inconsiderate passengers can ruin others' vacations -- and we sensed a trend. We conducted a poll to find out which onboard offenders cruisers dislike most. First, we were shocked when more than 4,500 responded. Then we were shocked when they cited rude children as the worst, followed closely by deck chair hogs.

We realize that cruises are supposed to be about fun (and maybe even getting a little tipsy with strangers), but there are limits. We've compiled a list of the seven worst onboard evildoers, based on 15 years of reader comments and Cruise Critic staffers' own experiences. Start the slideshow to see if your biggest pet peeve -- or favorite onboard pastime -- made the list.

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--by Ashley Kosciolek, Copy Editor
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