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Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Large Balcony Cabins

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(182 sq. ft., balcony 80 sq. ft.) Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), private balcony, sitting area, and a private bathroom.

Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Large Balcony (D1)
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Worst Cruise Ship Ever Cruisin Diva
Cabins are very small with limited space for your personal items. Bathroom sink is made for a child.
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Cabin 12196
The cabin was fine. It was average. We didn't spend lots of time in it but it was good for 2 adults and a 12 year old.
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Cabin 11598
Best Way to Try Europe bcontinental
Our balcony mid-ship stateroom (11598) was great. A good size and plenty of space for hanging garments. We removed the beverages in the fridge and replaced it with our water.
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Cabin 14
Beautiful Ship but RaptorDaD
Nice room but way too small for four people... Smallest room we've ever had. I would do thought with an upgraded room with large balcony the room would of been larger but "Not". I only assume they made them smaller to get more people on board. Suck a shame because it took away from our experience.
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Cabin 6202
Ordinary cabin, outstanding steward! Terrible couch, just awful.
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Cabin 7200 & 7201

Balcony Stateroom (7200)

Cabin is little smaller than most other Superior Balcony staterooms on other ships we have been on, but not by much. Overall, the cabin functions efficiently. Although this cabin did not have the pull-out sofa, if it did it would be way too cramped for more than two people. The scheduling through the interactive TV was nice and allowed you to review your plans and change or add to them to meet your needs.

I found deck 7 to be a good location to everything except the pool and sports decks. Everything else was either up or down one or two decks and easily walkable verses fighting for an elevator.

The location was about 1/3 of the length of the corridor from the forwards stairs and 2/3 of the corridor from the aft stairs. A good location that eliminated most of the traffic and hallway noise outside the stateroom.

The balcony was protected from most of the wind created from the ship's movement. Because the balcony is covered there may or may not be direct sunlight on the deck depending on whether the balcony has a southern exposure or not. The direction the ship is traveling will dictate whether the sun is beaming in the cabin for two days straight or none at all.

Promenade View Stateroom (7201)

Stateroom size and setup similar to D1 Balcony stateroom except instead of the balcony there is a window seat where you look out over the Royal Promenade. Great for people watching of seeing the activities going on at the street parties. Fairly large stateroom when compared to other "inside" statements on other ships.

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Cabin 8192

Good cabin! It's on the 'bumpout' so it has a MUCH larger balcony than normal. The stateroom was a typical room - it's a bit tight to get into the closet but there were lots of shelves and ample hanging space. The desk had 3 good drawers and some side skinny shelves. The bathroom also had some cabinet and shelf space. It had a full size sofa to sit on, too. We weren't in the room much but it was comparable to other ships. I believe it was 172 square feet. It was mid-ship so close to elevators in two directions. I would have preferred to be even closer to the elevators but it was really a good location. We chose to be on the same deck as Central Park and that proved to be quite convenient since we ate at the Park Cafe quite a bit. (Ship food was horrible so we were constantly scrounging for edible food.) I would definitely recommend this stateroom - considering the good mid-ship location and the large oceanview balcony!!

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Cabin 12574

While the Allure has some pretty cool rooms overlooking Central Park and the Boardwalk, we preferred the Ocean View.

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Cabin 11296

Our cabin and deck was nice. Easy access to the stairs and elevator, but not too close. Our balcony overlooked the ocean and was what we expected.

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Cabin 12596

The cabin was located on deck 12 on the first hump. It had a larger than normal balcony which would be good for dining but we never used it as such. The room was a superior ocean view. The storage space for two people was adequate but would be tight if you were traveling with a family. The bathroom was typical of a cruise ship, small but adequate.

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Cabin 6596

6596 is starboard side, towards the front, in the middle of the first "bump". The balcony is extra long. We liked having the balcony, but the extra room really was not worth anything to us. The room was in a great location on the ship: close to everything (particularly Boardwalk, Central Park, and the Promenade) but was also very quiet. The room itself is pretty much your standard cruise cabin: not too spacious, but big enough for the time we spent in it. The bed was comfy and there was adequate storage space.

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Cabin 11604
Impressive debk68

Our room was 11604 it was a balcony overlooking the ocean. The room was nice, that balcony was on the hump so it was a little bigger than the usual balcony. It was an adjoining stateroom which in the future I will absolutely avoid. We could hear everything in the room on the other side of the door. And they had a baby that would only cry and cry and cry. She would be our wakeup call anywhere from 5- 8 am. On the second to last night we got in around 1 am. She was crying and wouldnt stop. Then the husband came in from the casino and he and his wife started fighting. While the baby is still crying. I can tell you how much money he lost at the casino, I could hear it so well. On the other side with no door, we never heard our neighbors.

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Cabin 12202
TOO BIG TOO BAD Emilio9695

Smaller then others in like category . Bathroom and shower very tight
No ice.
No toiletries

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Cabin 8668
the Cabin was small but had some very nice modern touches. Ipod Dock compatible with 4 and 4 s not 5. and the flat screen was a nice touch as well. it was also right next to Central park and right next to Dazzle's and even with the late night music it did not travel into our room
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Cabin 6198
Nice size balcony, but small cabin. Last year I was in the accessible room with a friend, which was quite large. But we really enjoyed this room despite its size. Some people hate the tube like shower in the itsy bitsy bathroom. But I loved it. No water on the floor! I choice this location because I was in this area of the ship last year and it was very quiet. We never heard our neighbors. We did however smell smoke from somewhere either above or below us while on the balcony. It did not bother me, but my husband did get annoyed. It really did not last long, so no big deal. I would take this room again!
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Cabin 8172
Lovin' Allure NuzCruz

Allure cabin 8172. Perfect spot, close to the elevators. A little noisy as we were across from the staff stock/access room, but it didn't bother us.

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Cabin 11600
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Cabin 11666
We booked 11666 because of it's proximity to the Concierge lounge, and honestly most of our time is spent in the Aft area (MDR, Windjammer, Johnny Rockets, Schooner Bar for trivia). We liked the cabin, the location was good and really the noise from the hallway wasn't bad.
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Cabin 7198
Great trip on the Allure workstocruise
Our cabin was the norm. The closet was too small, but the balcony was bigger than usual. We were on the hump. It was a very quiet cabin.
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Cabin 11202
Canin 11202: The cabin had a connecting door, which turned out to be our biggest negative comment. The door is not soundproofed and we could easily hear the other folks talking. They did keep it down when we informed them of the problem, and it could have been much worse. The cabin is equipped with a hair dryer, shampoo, bar soap, a safe and a stocked mini-fridge. We took out some bottled water to make room for our stuff. That resulted in a charge, which we had no problem reversing. The cabin is located on one of the two "bumps" along the side of the ship. These bumps result in the larger balcony. Our cabin had the bed by the balcony. Alternating cabins have the sofa by the balcony. The flat-screen TV also serves as a message center for ship events. Make sure you view it daily, and look at your account to verify charges. You can also get in-room movies costing 11.95-13.95 each. For folks who are "over-sized": The bathroom and shower doors are both about 20 inches wide. The shower stall is circular, about 24 inches wide.
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Cabin 202
Great cabin, Interconnecting door. Lots of space. Highly recommended.
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Cabin 11682
We had stateroom 11-682 and had 3 adults in our room. We loved the location of the room and the balcony was great. The room is small though. There are no drawers, only shelves. The 3rd bed is a sofa bed, which was very comfortable, but once the bed was out, all extra space in the room was gone.
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Cabin 7170
March 4, 2012 Canusa02
Great balcony, and quiet neighbors the whole week. The nightstands (if you can call them nightstands) were inefficient offering no drawers or cubby-hole. Bed was located by the balcony, which made it convenient to get out of bed and watch the sunrise in less than five steps.
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Cabin 12600
Cabin 12600 with extra big balcony. Recommend. Plenty of space.
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Amazing ship JJ416
Doesn't really matter--the layout makes it convenient for everyone!!!
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Cabin 8204
We opted for an extended balcony cabin on deck 8. This stateroom is located mid ship to keep any undue motion down for my wife. I will state that the room was extremely clean and well kept. There was ample storage space for two people and with the space under the bed, we were able to make our bags go away. The room's environmental controls worked well as long as you remember to completely close the balcony door. The shower is compact but the water is hot and the pressure is strong. The same for the sink. This cabin was extremely quite and we never heard anything from the hallway.
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Some Practical Suggestions RobertPlattBell
The OUTSIDE STATE ROOM was the best part of the cruise - the outside staterooms are large and comfortable (compared to say, the Monarch of the Seas inside Staterooms) and the best time we had was just sitting on our balcony, watching the ocean and enjoying a glass of wine and room service. We are boating people, not cruise people, and the outside balcony was as close as you can get to boating, other than walking the cramped promenade deck. The inside balcony staterooms are noisy, and you have a view of someone Else's stateroom and central park or the aqua theater. The entire cruise, I saw barely 1 or 2 people using their inside balconies, whereas I could look over the side of the ship and see dozens of people using the outside ones. RC promotes the inside staterooms as they are harder to sell. But they are very noisy - particularly in the rear, where the aqua shows and midnight movies will force you to close your curtains all the time. BTW, the vaunted "loft" suites all face the rear and provide no great views. Save your money there and get an outside suite, if you want a suite. Better view and quieter and more private.
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10th floor center of ship. You'll Still feel the waves in 15 ft seas and have difficulty walking down hallways!
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Cabin 12956
An Allure Adventure VAmembergs
Cabin 12956: Right by the "hump" with a little bit larger balcony than the normal balcony. Would have appreciated some foot stools to stretch out with, since full loungers were not made available. But good views all the same. Nice size table out there for our dining with balcony/room service meals. Never heard any outside noises once the door was closed completely and properly. (But the door must be closed for the air conditioning to work--an energy saving system on this very efficient ship!) If you're on a ship the size of the Allure, be prepared to walk anywhere! So the location of mid-deck had us walking to either the forward or aft elevator banks. It just couldn't be helped. When we first entered our cabin, we noticed the shower had lots of moisture droplets on the glass doors. They never cleared up and we were convinced it was so damp and humid that nothing would ever dry in the bathroom. It was the last day of the cruise when we realized those droplets were an embedded pattern on the OUTSIDE of the glass! We had a good laugh of that! Being a new ship, there's nothing to write about the bed, bedding, furniture; all new and in very good condition. The closet had double rods in one place to utilize lower space. No drawers for clothing--just nice shelves. We had no problems putting our 'stuff' away. My hubby and I enjoy our iPads and I kept my keyboard out all two weeks. So there was enough space on that desk for all our electronics, plus the recharging cords. The iPod/iPhone docking station fits two, but one side was not working. The clock radio works with the iPhone dock, too. That was a nice surprise and we enjoyed our own music. Oh! Got to tell everyone that the door and walls are metal! If you want to, bring magnets to hang notes like what excursions on what day and time; or what speciality restaurant/day/time; room numbers of fellow cruisers. This works out wonderfully--leave the scotch tape at home! We were two people in that cabin. It had a sofa and small table. Can't imagine a third person in that size cabin. Our cabin steward was fantastic. We wish him good health and happiness.
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Cabin 6194
Cabin was very quiet. No issues.
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Our ocean view room with a balcony was tiny. Our daughters got bug bites from sleeping on the sofa/futon. It's too small and not comfortable for four people on for 7 nights. The main bed was very comfortable, but space was tight. The ship is quiet. I could not hear any of our neighbors. The crew leave their house cleaning carts in the hallway most of the day. There were stains on the carpets in the 9th deck hallway and the ship isn't even one year old yet. The Adult Arts & Crafts scrapbook and jewelry making classes were a lot of fun in the Explorers Academy.
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Cabin 9310
What hurricane?? big-n-tall-cruiser
our cabin was way in the aft part of the ship. looooong hallways. nice balcony. other travellers with us had problems with their adjoining-room door not being able to be locked. problem!
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Stateroom was smaller than usual but the space was well utilized. 8th floor aft was a great area for staterooms, central to all.
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Cabin 12700
Very Nice Ship!!! enchantedcruiser
Less drawers, cramped quarters!
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Cabin 9596
Cabin is smaller than ones we have had in the past but was adequate for us. The balcony was a great size because it is a hump room. Closet space was fine with plenty of hangers. The bathroom again was small but adequate for one person at a time. Not enough room for two people at the same time. Plenty of storage in the bathroom. The bed was located next to the balcony and was very comfortable. Vanity and storage around vanity in the room was fine. Must say the refrigerator was full so could not put anything into it of our own. Could also use more plugs and have a regular plug in the bathroom. TV was nice and had good programs available. Safe was a decent size and easy to operate. The room was well laid out, efficient and well appointed.
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Cabin 12596
Small cabin; not much room to move about.
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Cabin 7600
Great location on a quiet deck. Loved its proximity to Central Park and the Promenade. The D1 category was not worth the extra money without having the added advantage of upgrades to balcony furniture as well. We were very disappointed that there were no lounge chairs yet the space fo them.
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Big, Too Big bear4u2c
Spacious, clean, and lots of closet space. I had the oversized balcony,
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Cabin 8594
Small but efficient. Loved the balcony size.
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Cabin 11598
Amazing Ship gflottman
Closet too close to bed.
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Cabin 7598
The stateroom was in good quiet location, not too far away from the front elevators. While it is a bit smaller than D1 staterooms on some of the other class of RCI ships, it was well designed and decorated. The room could use a little more storage space. The D1 stateroom had a larger balcony (deeper) and we found this an excellent place to eat breakfast. The bathroom was also pretty small, but again it was well designed. The shower was small, but bigger than on the Radiance class ships and used sliding doors and not the curtain that would stick to you. There was a stench in the deck seven starboard hallway (worst between cabin 7600-7620) that smelled like rotting broccoli.
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6th floor you can hear music from the Royal Promenade on the 5th floor - rooms seem smaller than the Freedom class, but typical room you will see on any ship.
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The clock in our room was broken. The display was missing a digit in the time. The TV did not rotate easily. This made it harder to view for the person closest to the balcony.
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