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Cruise Critic is frequently cited by the media as a leading source of travel information. We've been featured on the BBC and ABC News, noted as a top travel site by Travel + Leisure and The Washington Post, and recommended in outlets ranging from Budget Travel to The New York Times.

Where might you have seen us lately? Check us out....

Some Last-Minute Summer Vacation Possibilities

The Record & Herald News recommends Cruise Critic to find last-minute cruise deals.

Published June 2014

Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Vacation

Fort Worth Star-Telegram recommends Cruise Critic's reviews for travelers looking to book a cruise vacation.

Published May 2014

Cool Travel Website: Alerts You When a Cruise Drops Its Price

Detroit Free Press shares Cruise Critic's new Price Drop tool for finding discounted cruise fares.

Published March 2014

Solo Made Simple

The Sydney Morning Herald: The Sydney Morning Herald recommends solo travelers use Cruise Critic's community to connect with other travelers prior to the trip.

Published March 2014

6 Trends in Cruising

The New York Times: Cruise Critic's Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, offers insight into current trends in the cruise industry.

Published March 2014

Cruisers' Choice: Best Cruise Ships

CNN: Cruise Critic announces the winners of its 2014 Cruisers' Choice Awards.

Published February 2014

Finding Hidden Values on a Luxury Cruise

CNBC: Cruise Critic's Managing Editor, Colleen McDaniel, shares tips for booking a luxury cruise.

Published February 2014

Cruising with the Kids: A Boatload of Fun

Parents Magazine: Cruise Critic's Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, shares tips for families planning a cruise vacation.

Published February 2014

70 Percent Off Cruises? New Tool Says Yes

ABC News: Cruise Critic announces Price Drop, a new cruise shopping tool.

Published January 2014

Exploring Epic Beauty from Alaska's Coast

San Francisco Chronicle: Cruise Critic's Features Editor, Erica Silverstein, shares insight on cruising to Alaska.

Published January 2014

5 Best Travel Deal Destinations for 2014

NBC News: Cruise Critic's Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, discusses current trends in river cruising.

Published November 2013

Cruise Critic Cites Norwegian Breakaway, AmaPrima as Best New Ships The list of winners from the 2013 Cruise Critic Editors' Picks Awards.

Published October 2013

New York-Themed Ship Takes Top Honors in Cruise Awards

ABC News: The winners of the 2013 Cruise Critic Editors' Picks Awards.

Published October 2013

Lights Out on the Lido Deck

The New York Times: Cruise Critic's Managing Editor, Colleen McDaniel, offers insight on recent cruise line smoking policy changes, and shares a round-up of current smoking policies.

Published September 2013

Big Ship vs. Small Ship: How to Choose the Cruise for You

Boston Globe: Cruise Critic Features Editor, Erica Silverstein, offers tips for choosing the best ship size for you.

Published September 2013

Cruise Weight Loss: How To Avoid The Inevitable Gain

Huffington Post shares Cruise Critic's list of the Best Cruises for Fitness.

Published July 2013

Save on Your Family Vacation: Cruise for Cheap

All You magazine: Cruise Critic's Ports of Call boards recommended as a resource for planning a shore excursion.

Published May 2013

Hidden Cruise Deals: How to Nab Flash Sales

Yahoo! Travel: Cruise Critic Features Editor, Erica Silverstein, shares tips for finding flash sales for cruise vacations.

Published May 2013

7 Travel Insurance Tips for Hurricane Season Cruise Critic Features Editor, Erica Silverstein, offers tips for cruising during hurricane season.

Published May 2013

How I Fell Victim to a Cruise Port Tour Scam in the Caribbean… and How I Could Have Avoided It

Conde Nast Traveler: Cruise Critic's Ports of Call boards recommended as a resource to use to prepare for port tours.

Published May 2013

8 Tips On Saving Money on a Cruise Vacation

Yahoo! News: Cruise Critic's Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, offers tips for saving money on a cruise vacation.

Published April 2013

Pay Taxes, Treat Yourself in April

The Wall Street Journal: Cruise Critic offers tips for finding the best deals at sea.

Published April 2013

Cruise Offers Motorcyclists a 12-day Surf-and-Turf Dream

Baltimore Sun: Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, offers insight on the popularity of theme cruises.

Published April 2013

The 10 Best Big Cruise Ships On The Ocean

Business Insider: The 10 best large cruise ships at sea, named in the 2013 Cruise Critic Cruisers' Choice Awards.

Published March 2013

5 Great Websites to Search for Amazing Cruise Offers

Zagat: Cruise Critic named a top site to find cruise deals.

Published March 2013

Smaller Ships Will Have Big Presence in 2013

Los Angeles Times: Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, discusses cruise trends to expect in 2013.

Published January 2013

Cruise Safety One Year After Concordia

CNN: Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, offers insight on new cruise safety guidelines.

Published January 2013

Winter Blues? Try a Dream Vacation

The Philadelphia Inquirer recommends Cruise Critic as a resource for travelers considering an upcoming cruise.

Published December 2012

5 Do's and Don'ts for First-Time Cruisers

Palm Beach Post recommends Cruise Critic's Roll Calls for first-time cruisers for cruise tips and to meet shipmates ahead of time.

Published December 2012

Best Cruise Ships Of 2012

International Business Times: The winners of Cruise Critic's 2012 Editors' Picks Awards.

Published December 2012

Abandoning the Hearth for Christmas

CNN: Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, offers tips for families considering a cruise during the holidays.

Published December 2012

Cheap Travel During Dead Week Coming Up

ABC News: Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, shares the best times to find quiet season deals on cruise ships.

Published December 2012

Royal Caribbean Plans Third Oasis-Class Cruise Ship

The Huffington Post: Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, discusses the possibilities for new Royal Carribbean ship.

Published October 2012

I'm New to Cruising: Should I Book a River Trip or a Bigger Ship?

The Globe and Mail: Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, shares insight on the differences between river cruises and larger ocean-going ships.

Published October 2012

Ugh, More Travel Fees: Not Wanting to Be Left Out, Cruises Pile on New Charges Too

TIME shares Cruise Critic's round-up of cruise line gratuity policies.

Published September 2012

Cruise Travel: Patience and Persistence Pays Off Big for Bargain-Hunting Cruise Fans

The Toronto Star recommends Cruise Critic as a resource for cruise reviews and short-notice bargains.

Published September 2012

Travel Etiquette: Saving Seats at the Pool

Cruise Critic editor-in-chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, speaks with ABC News regarding new pool etiquette programs on-board cruise ships.

"And it's long overdue, Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor-in-chief of told ABC News.

Published August 2012

How to Pack for a Cruise

Fox News recommends Cruise Critic's coverage of on-board dress codes.

"Before embarking, check out's article that details dress codes for each cruise line."

Published June 2012

Twenty Million Travellers Can't Be Wrong, Can They?

The Sydney Morning Herald names Cruise Critic as a helpful cruise resource.

"There are specific consumer feedback forums such as where you can go to read up on the cruises and cruise companies that are available -- an increasing number in Asia and Australasia, as well as Europe and the Caribbean."

Published May 2012

Decked Out with the Latest Technology

The Australian lists Cruise Critic as a top site for cruise information. "Cruise Critic: Cruise Critic is comprehensive. Launched in the mid-1990s, it offers excellent information, with ship reviews by the site's editorial team and past passengers, a popular message board, cruising tips, profiles on ports and destinations, and a first-time cruiser's guide."

Published May 2012

Cruise Vacations: 10 Things You Might Not Know

Gadling discusses the power of the Cruise Critic message boards.

"As our online world has developed with Internet-equipped tablets, faster connections, transparency and more rapid responses from all interested in cruise vacations, sites like have become even more relevant and accurate. Clear example: CruiseCritic message boards are often the first source of breaking news when ships get into trouble at sea."

Published May 2012

Tripologist: Agents Help First-Timers Become Ship Shape

The Sydney Morning Herald recommends Cruise Critic as a resource for those planning a cruise.

"Cruise Critic is the TripAdvisor of the cruise world, with lots of critical feedback from fare-paying passengers."

Published April 2012

Most Cruise Ships Put Emphasis on Safety

Cruise Critic editor-in-chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, discusses cruise safety with NBC News.

"Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic, walked through a typical safety drill on a cruise ship and answered some other important safety questions."

Published January 2012

Cruise Ship Safety: 20 Tips for Safety On and Off the Seas

Cruise Critic offers tips to ABC News on how to stay safe on a cruise.

"Check out these cruise ship and travel safety tips from online cruise guide Cruise Critic and from health industry experts Dr. Bradley Feuer, regional director of medical education at the Palm Beach Centre for Graduate Medical Education, and Blake Yturralde, the president of Commercial Medical Escorts."

Published January 2012

17 Great Travel Planning Websites

AARP names Cruise Critic as a top travel planning website.

" is a helpful one-stop site for cruise research: from trip ideas and itinerary planning to purchasing cruises to tips for first-timers. Cruise Critic's expert reviewers have the inside scoop on ship layouts, cuisine and great deals. And users keep the forums and message boards buzzing with tips, trip reports and cautions. The comprehensive port-of-call reviews include tested advice on how to maximize your time on land, especially regarding shore excursion options."

Published January 2012

In a Disaster, Cruise Site Forums Offer Updates and Assistance

Forbes discusses the power of Cruise Critic forums.

"In addition to condolences and concern about evacuations, search and rescue, the cruise-dedicated forums offered whatever assistance they could to people desperately trying to track down loved ones who were aboard."

Published January 2012

Most Important Travel Trends of 2012

Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic, discusses 2012 cruise trends with Travel+Leisure

"'Cruise companies are realizing there's a generation of people who've never taken a cruise,' says Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic. 'They're hoping that by making their cabins as luxurious as possible, they can lure customers from the chic hotels they normally frequent.'"

Published January 2012

Is "Wave Season" Still the Best Bet for Cruise Deals?

Cruise Critic editor-in-chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, speaks with CNN to discuss the current status of "wave season."

"The magnitude of wave season deals has lessened each year for the last three years, to the point where there really is no wave season in 2012, said Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor in chief of, calling it a major shift in the industry."

Published January 2012

Save Time and Money on Travel With These 5 Sites

The Business Insider includes Cruise Critic in its list of five websites that save travelers time and money.

"I've never been on a cruise before, and the thought of being on a ship, in the middle of the sea is a bit worrisome. What if you don't like any of the activities on the ship? You're sort of trapped and it's not like you can pick-up and drive somewhere else. Anyway, if I were to plan a cruise trip, CruiseCritic would be helpful as it lets you read reviews from other people who've been on each ship. Because you want to know what other people thought of the cruise line before you book one yourself."

Published January 2012

Cruises: Size Matters

Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic, provides her tips for finding the right size cruise ship to AARP

"Megaship Target Travelers: 'Families take over these cruises,' says Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor of Cruise Critic ( 'There's something for everyone.'"

Published December 2011/January 2012

Packing Tips for Cruises

Frommer's speaks with Cruise Critic editor-in-chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, for her tips on how to pack for a cruise.

"The good news is that 'cruise companies are increasingly designing cabins with room underneath beds to accommodate larger bags,' says Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor in chief of Cruise Critic."

Published December 2011

Cruise Deals and Airfare Deals Coming This Fall

The Clark Howard Radio Show recommends Cruise Critic as a top resource for information on cruising.

"My favorite clearinghouse website from looking for cruise bargains and getting a sense of whether a particular ship is something that you would enjoy being on is ... Cruise Critic is very helpful knowing when you should buy a shore excursion from the cruise line and when you shouldn't, who would be good alternative operators, where on particular ships you want to try to get booked for a berth, where you want to avoid on a ship, which dining rooms you want to go to - it's very, very detailed. And it's all fellow cruise passengers that fill you in on what are the things that will help make your trip a better one, or a more affordable one."

Aired October 2011

Top 10 Cruising Tweeps

Travel Agent Central lists @CruiseCritic as one of the top Twitter accounts for cruising.

"CruiseCritic delivers an engaging mix of hard news, feature articles, cruise roundup stories, ship profiles and reader feedback-related content. This group has experienced full-time staffers dedicated to cruise, making the tweets both timely and insightful. And they pull no punches in telling it like it is. @OrlandoChris sums it up, 'Carolyn Spencer Brown and the gang at CruiseCritic are simply the single most complete source of cruise information there is.'"

Published September 2011

Hurricane Season Makes Cruising Tricky

CNN interviews Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, to explain what to expect when cruising during hurricane season.

"So what should cruise aficionados consider when booking a summer or fall Caribbean voyage? We asked Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor in chief of, to explain some of the realities of cruising when the big storms are most likely to form."

Published August 2011

Ten Rules for Booking the Perfect Cruise

Conde Nast Traveler suggests the Cruise Critic boards as a source to help book the perfect cruise.

"If a ship-arranged excursion looks great, book it before it sells out -- you can always cancel for a refund up to 36 hours in advance -- and then research alternatives... You can find more affordable suggestions for local tour operators on the message boards at"

Published August 2011

Travel: Luxury for Less

Money Magazine lists the Cruise Critic Twitter page as a top resource for finding travel deals.

"Check these sources... @CruiseCritic for news, reviews, and deals for all major cruise lines."

Published August 2011

Best Travel Websites and Apps

Travel+Leisure lists its picks of the best travel websites and apps available.

"Whether you're looking for a five-day, family-friendly tour of the Caribbean or an intimate classical-music cruise in Europe, you'll find the most comprehensive user and editor reviews of ships, cabins, and ports of call at this website. Cruises are searchable by a range of criteria: price, region, lifestyle (singles, gay, family, etc.)."

Published August 2011

Mediterranean Cruises

AM770's Informed Traveller interviews Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, to provide insider tips on cruising the Mediterranean.

"One of the best ways, I think, to see parts of Europe would be to take a Mediterranean cruise. And to talk more about cruising the Mediterranean, we're joined now by Carolyn Spencer Brown. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Cruise Critic, one of my favorite websites."

Published July 2011

More for Your Money: Making Europe Affordable

The Los Angeles Times discusses tips for travelers looking to visit Europe without breaking the bank.

"A European cruise can be surprisingly affordable because you pay many costs upfront in dollars, not in pricey euros or pounds. 'A cruise fare includes everything you absolutely need, such as transportation from port to port, food, entertainment, a kids club, water and coffee,' said Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor of, a consumer information website."

Published July 2011

The Cruise Industry Post Oslo Attacks and Carnival�s Magic Rescue

Peter Greenberg speaks with Cruise Critic's Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, about the latest news in the cruising world.

"From the Olso attacks to a creative rescue in the Mediterranean, the cruise industry is in the headlines this news cycle. Peter spoke with's Carolyn Spencer Brown about the latest developments out at sea."

Published July 2011

Cruising's Top Women

Porthole Cruise Magazine sits down for a Q&A with six of cruising's top women, including Cruise Critic Editor-in-Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown.

"A former staff writer with the Washington Post, Carolyn Spencer Brown has been following the cruise industry for the past 15 years and has taken more than 150 cruises. Today, she is editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic (, the world's largest cruise reviews and news website, overseeing both its U.S. and U.K. editorial operations."

Published July 2011

Cruise Control

Cruise Critic editors offer their expert advice in Southwest Airlines' in-flight magazine, Spirit.

"Editor in chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, and copy editor Ashley Kosciolek, share their expert tips on saving money at sea and improving your cruise experience."

April 2010

Cruise Prices are Rebounding in 2010, but Bargains Still Can be Found

The LA Times asks Cruise Critic where to find the deals, and how to cruise for less

"Last year was the year of the steal," said Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor in chief of Cruise Critic, a consumer website. "They were almost paying you to get on a cruise ship. This year, you can still find deals. But you have to look for them."

Published March 2010

Q&A With Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor in Chief of

Matt Goss from the NY Times' Frugal Traveler interviews Carolyn Spencer Brown to get the scoop on the frugal side of cruising.

"Q:My trips rarely top $100 a day, including airfare. Is that possible for a cruise?
A: Oh god, yes. In 2009, deals were falling out of the sky and hitting you on the head, they were so cheap. Norwegian Sky was doing $25 a day on its three- and four-day Bahamas cruises, and it was a decent ship - it wasn't a tub. Once you get there, you don't have to spend another penny beyond gratuity."

February 2010

How to Cruise Around the World

Jaunted praises Cruise Critic as the go-to site for everything about cruising.

"Before you even order that first cruise brochure, make sure you head over to Cruise Critic . It's the go-to site when it comes to all things cruising. They 've got the rundown on packages, ships, ports of call, and what to avoid --like that pesky norovirus !"

Published February 2010

Finding Cruise Deals in a Recovering Economy

The CNN turns to Cruise Critic for the low-down on finding a good cruise deal.

"Last year was the year of the steal," said Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor in chief of Cruise Critic, a consumer website. "They were almost paying you to get on a cruise ship. This year, you can still find deals. But you have to look for them."

Published February 2010

10 top Web sites for 2010

Editors at the New York Post recommend the "addresses every smart traveler should bookmark right now."

Want to know more about a cruise line, a cruise trend, get updated on cruise news, hear reports from the newest ships and chat with fellow cruisers before you are trapped in the middle of the Pacific? Paddle on over to this killer site, which boasts around 5 million unique hits each year. Editor-in-Chief Carolyn Spencer Brown is one of the hardest working gals in the cruise biz."

Published January 2010

Follow Me to Travel Know-How:
10 Twitter feeds that'll get you up to speed

New York Post travel editor, David Landsel, recommends his favorite travel feeds.

"@CruiseCritic:Ask questions of the folks behind the popular website of the same name; keep up to date on the latest with new ships, weather patterns and everything else cruisers love to talk about."

Published November 2009

T+L's Top Travel Websites of 2009

Travel+Leisure put hundreds of travel websites to the test to uncover the top 45 you need to bookmark before planning your next trip.

"Click Factor: This comprehensive site picks apart virtually every sailing on the seas, with pictures, authoritative editor reviews, good last-minute deals, and news updates. Travelers can search by port of call, departure city, date, and cruise line."

Published November 2009

Practical Traveler: The Caribbean Issue

The NY Times highlights Cruise Critic's Caribbean deals.

"Interestingly, some of the most attractive deals this winter are being offered on newer ships. lists seven-night western Caribbean cruises on the three-year-old Crown Princess for $479 and the popular Norwegian Jewel for $329. Both depart in January.

"If I'm going to spend the same kind of money on a cruise," said Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor in chief of CruiseCritic, "I'll take the newer ship, with better restaurants, more amenities, bigger spa, pool, sun deck, and broader entertainment any day."

Published November 2009

50 Essential Travel Tips

For travel tip #2 Time Magazine directs travelers to the top forums on the Web.

"Check out for a cruise lowdown."

Published July 2009

Cruising in Style

The Miami Herald gives the site a nice compliment when introducing our editor in chief.

"Carolyn Spence Brown, editor of the bible of cruise sites,"

Published June 2009

New Tools on the Web's Best Travel Sites

The Washington Post takes a fresh look at some of the Web's most popular sites, scouting for cool new bells and whistles.

"There's nothing like a site patronized and run by fanatics, and this compendium of traveler reviews, ship specifications, message boards and the like is justly celebrated within the cruise community. It should absolutely be the first stop of any first-time cruiser, although seasoned veterans who revel in cruise-line minutiae and gossip about the industry will no doubt love it, too ... We particularly like the Roll Call section of the message boards, in which future cruisers can make contact with others who will be on the same sailing."

Published February 2009

The Ultimate Guide to Cruising:
These Web Sites Help You Choose the Right Cruise Ship

The LA Times highlights its pick of the best cruise sites.

" This site is one of the old-timers of the Web world, well respected and popular, and no wonder. It's one of the best consumer sites, dense with ship reviews, member message boards and cruise news. It has a soup-to-dessert approach to cruising and should be a first stop for anyone thinking of setting sail.

Worth visiting for: Message boards with comments, complaints and reviews from passengers. These are experienced cruisers who proudly list their cruises like medals on a uniform. Be careful or you'll be sucked in for hours."

Published January 2009

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Web Sites

Conde Nast Traveler selects Cruise Critic as "Best Travel Web Site for Cruise Reviews."

Conde Nast Traveler magazine tested hundreds of travel Web sites to "reveal the best online sources." Conde Nast Traveler said about Cruise Critic: "WHY WE LIKE IT: Everything you need to know before setting sail. Cruise Critic provides lengthy, detailed comments sorted by destinations, homeports, themes and interests, cruise lines, and even by ship."

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